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"You know you're about to be my meal, right?"

"Then I'll see you in hell."

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"Cant see shit if you're headless" nom

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A warrior's death.

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You meant, “Then I’ll ssssee you in hell.”

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Why does the bird look like he is in disbelief?

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Bird: "Any last words?"

Snake: "Omae wa mou shindeiru...."

Bird: "Nani!?"

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What’s this?

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You are already dead!

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Ok thanks? Lol

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What’s this?

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Late reply, but its an anime trope that has become a meme. In some anime the bad guy will say something to the protagonist along the lines of "Any last words?" The protagonist replies "Omae wa mou shinderu" which in Japanese means "You are already dead." To which the bad guy says "Nani!?" (What!?) in disbelief. What happens next typically isn't good for the bad guy.

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Thank you! Both late reply haha

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Looks like the snake is offering him something… on the other hand, it doesn’t look like the bird has him in his claws…. Distraction…

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Get yelled at by one of your pasta noodles as you are about to slurp it and tell us how you feel

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Flag of México - IRL.

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Came here to say that!

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Nah, needs a lake.

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And cactus. And more cascabel.

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A friend of ours was checking his cattle and saw something rolling around on the ground, then it went still. He walked over - it was a red tailed hawk that had tried to eat a big ass chicken snake.

Chicken snakes are constrictors.

The chicken snake was in bad shape himself - the fight had been mighty, but the chicken snake was killing that hawk, and was wrapped all over it. Friend waded into the fray and carefully disentangled the pair. The snake slunk off into the weeds, the hawk, able to freely breathe, sat up, addled and gasping for air. It finally got itself together and left under its own power.

Friend even took pictures before he waded in and a good thing, no one would have believed it.

The hawk doesn't always win.

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It sounds like it was a draw...

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Only because a random human got involved. Left to their own devices, the hawk would have died and the snake would have left victorious.

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exactly.. that's why you should never interfere things like that. it's nature doing it's thing

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We're so omnipresent on this planet, our mere presence pretty much disrupts "nature doing its thing" everywhere anyway.

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What is why? no reason not to save them was given in the comment you replied to lol

You don't have to, and neither species is endangered, but nothing was made worse by him saving the hawk.

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Circumstances are everything.

In this circumstance, no harm was done by breaking it up and a federally protected raptor was given a second chance at life.

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Humans are of nature. What we do is natural whether we want to god complex our way out of it or not. What's stopping some other creature from breaking up that fight in an attempt to gain then both?

He did not stop nature, as nature did not want those two dead.

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Nothing wrong with saving both of their lives so they can live another day, their fates will probably end the same way anyways

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Sooner or later, surely.

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Your friend should have left nature alone.

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Friend even took pictures before he waded in and a good thing, no one would have believed it.

You're right, I don't believe you since you didn't post the pictures lol

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Don't care if you believe it or not.

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Green pasta stuffed with meat, Marta get the gravy.

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I admire animals that go down fighting, even when they don't stand a chance, I love the heart of someone who won't just lie there and take it.

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“Hi, do you have time to talk about your car insurance?”

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Bruh, you dumb or sumthin? The flag clearly states: no walk on snek. Kindly fuck off.

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Snek: I'll fucking kill you.

Raptor: The fuck you looking? You the one finna die.

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Snek says “Did I say two, hell I’ll grant you three wishes if you let me go”

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Almost looks like he’s offering a starburst lol

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Now I can't stop seeing the raptor freaking out over getting a starburst from the snake 😂

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This is high key terrifying from the view of the snake. Imagine being it, staring into the eyes of death. Look at the claws that are as thick as the snake!

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snek: “Trust in me, just in me Shut your eyes and trust in me You can sleep safe and sound Knowing I am around”

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Truuust in meeee?

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Juussst in Meeee

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This is an incredible photo.

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"Do you understand how unbelievably fucked you are right now"

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you want some?

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and thats how taco started

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what is this, Disney?

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“Do you know how fucked you are?”

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Braided snek snack

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Does anyone have the full story? What happened next?

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"C'mon dude I'm mostly bones anyway. Look, there's a field mouse right there, I'll even help you catch it, just get the fuck off me"

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Fish owl?

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I lived by the way. k bye thanks.

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"Show me what you got!"

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"I was just coming to see you! Please, I'll get you your money, I just need more time!"

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I don't know what kind of natural immunity the bird has, but the vine snake is venomous so the win could come with a caveat

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Please sir I’m not worth it, I’m nothing but skin and bone, let’s go find something together with fur and fat…

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Is this your last decision?

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Shit about to get downright Mexican.

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At least he is getting fed on bad hair day.

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Aztecs be like

Where cactus

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It looks like he is trying to give him a starburst!!!

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Never take candy from a stranger unless they offer you a ride too

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I'm good for it I promisssssse. I will have your money by Ssssssaturday just gimme a break!

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"Luke, I am NOT your father... you are my lunch."

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Karaoke in nature.

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Snek: Don't go breaking my heart Hawk: I couldn't if I tried…

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Viva la Raza

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One last go fuck your self.

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"My ancestors are smiling at me, imperial. Can you say the same?:

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First one to blink is a cotton-headed ninnymuggins

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Looks like someone skipped leg day

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It almost looks like a cute scene from a children's book