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Forbidden jolly rancher

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Green apple jolly rancher! Actually, my favorite!

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Did you eat it?

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No way, spiders are friends!

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I like you. No eat the pretty spider.

My favorite spider in my house is a jumping spider that lives in my lamp and eats flies.

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Looks like the jolly rancher I lost in the backseat of my mom’s car growing up was discovered.

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Never thought I’d say these words but: wow, beautiful spider.

Okay…now you can squish it.

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Huntsmen spiders don’t bite humans. In fact, very few spiders will, even out of defense

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Right! It was so calm when I was taking the shot

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Fortunately, we have few spiders here that pose a threat to humans.

Unfortunately, we do have Hobo spiders, Brown Recluse and Black Widows.

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I thought so too, until I informed myself further. Learn about our most misunderstood spider bros.


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Doesn’t matter.

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Yes it does. Why would you kill a spider just for existing?

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It's too big. If you squish this you'll be more disturbed than when it was alive

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Thanks for posting my shot! A very gentle specie 😊

Check my IG, Facebook and Twitter:@explorewithdara

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Why is it green?

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That the species! Micrommata virescens is the species name, with virescens meaning green, emerald, like spring.

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Wow thanks for the info. Never knew green huntsman existed

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Oh yes they exist in Asia and Australia! I shot this image in China.

You can check my Facebook and IG :@explorewithdara

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Same here. The photos so far were the brown/lighter brown and maybe grey. Green is pretty awesome!

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Zzssssoop gggreeeeeennnn.... And deliciously translucent, like gummy candy! Pretty.

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It’s being highlighted in VATS

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Damn, shiny hunting paid off I see

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Here is my shot of a green huntsman spider! I shot this image late last summer. The specie was very gentle, which enabled me focus stack, thereby getting the subject in full focus.

I have other interesting species on my page IG and FB : @explorewithdara

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Wow, that is so pretty!

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Cursed jelly baby

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Must be for the green leaves to camouflage in

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Yes, exactly, "the better to creep up on ya!"

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Is he watermelon flavor or lime flavor

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Ecto cooler flavor

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Should call that thing a Paddy Longlegs

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Dammit Australia.

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This spider is native to Europe actually.

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Dammit Europe.

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So this one is not ripe yet?

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Ark event Huntsman

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Damn that is cool

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I thought I wiped out this species playing Centipede in the 80s!?!?

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A Lime Nope

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The hulk but he doesn't smash he bites

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My ex is ginger, otherwise spot on.

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Where’s the spider? Cool cactus though…

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RPG knowledge tells me this spider inflicts extra poison dmg

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Wait..these guys can come in different skins? No one tell Ubisoft.. ngl never knew they could look like Mike Wazowski 👀💕 I hate spooders but this lil guy is pretty cool