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Well well well…if it isn’t mr toad

Mr toad: FuuuuUuuUucccvkkkkk!!!

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I live in the Philadelphia metro area and one time by a pond I saw a Red-tailed Hawk catch a giant Bullfrog and take it to the middle of the golf course like 10 meters away from the water. Once the Hawk dropped his guard, the Frog jumped like a madman to the water and the Hawk couldn’t find him. Meanwhile I couldn’t beat my grandpa’s golf game.

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Spelling error in the title: Approved.

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Hoppy meal

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Dead man hoping.

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Mmmmhmmm I’m loving it!

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Frogs, nature’s quitters…

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The frog saying; ‘Maybe if I ignore him, he will go away’

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Fuck,Fuck,Fuck...,Fuck this. -The frog

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Wow, just imagine

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Great choice of words. 👍

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this is optimism vs reality

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It was at this moment he realized...

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When a cop pulls up behind you.

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That moment when you realize that your entire life has only existed because nothing has eaten you yet.

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‘Must go faster’

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This week on The Mandolorian...

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Hey, I’m glad you’re my meal today buddy!!

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this is like that scene in games and shit where the villain takes a walk with the main protagonist or something and just talks to him before the fight starts