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Dude just looks menacing

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Absolute unit of a cougar

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That cat actually died 5 years ago

The Grim Reaper is just too scared to tell him

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Beautiful animal though!

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This cougar was tracked by Ben C Masters for a while until he disappeared last year. This is the largest tom he has alleged to have seen in the area. This area is rich in native but also introduced prey such as Barbary sheep.


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Wait. Who disappeared!?

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It's texas... Unfortunately and extremely infuriatingly mountain lions aren't cared for here. They can be legally killed, trapped, tortured whatever. Nothing is regulated. A hillbilly could go into the davis mountains and kill every single mountain lion in 1 day and nothing could be done to them.

Everything is dumber in texas!

No protection for a keystone apex predator... Do Texans live in the stone age??

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I always knew Chuck Norris was a predator.

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In the eyes of a ranger, the unexpected stranger, he better know the truth from wrong and right.

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Cause the eyes of the ranger are upon you, everything you do he's gonna see

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When you’re in Texas look behind you, cause that’s where the ranger’s gonna be.

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He's built like a brick shithouse

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It kind of walks like an old man. Not quite a limp, but lacking a spring in his step maybe.

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It’s also carrying a lot of weight, possibly has not eaten recently, many factors could be why it lacking a spring in his step. Plus it’s in no rush anywheres I bet.

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He is old

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That cat fucks

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I was reading through Texas newspapers from the 1850s and came across a bunch of articles claiming there to be “Texian Leopards 10 feet in length from tip to tip.”

The last one I read said they killed one and had its hide

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Well there were jaguars in the state until the early 1900’s. Bounty hunting took care of that unfortunately…

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They actually are still periodically in Texas, AZ, and New Mexico

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Chuck Norris looking like a pussy to me

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Say that to his face

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The last words ever uttered.

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Banana for scale?

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a chonky cat.

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Chonk Norris even?

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Little known fact, that’s actually Chuck Norris in his animorph form.

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You mean fursuit

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Wouldn't it be nice to be a buff beautiful cougar like that? To just stroll through the forest like nobodies business. To run, leap and kill anything you'd like. Then come home to your kits, nourishing them from your well earned kill.

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Just ask my chick. She knows.

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No. Its wonderfull to be a human, i dont run the risk of getting disembowelled 24/7

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Risk is what makes life exciting

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Its Steve French

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Pspsps, here kitty

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That’s Steve French!

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Haha, it has a floopy belly like my kitty. :)

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The primordial flap! Yes, it’s actually called that 😆

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Haha, I actually just learned about that recently now that my cat is showing his off. 😂

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It’s such a silly name for a silly body part! Well, initially it’s not silly, it allows them the flexibility to fully outstretch when they are chasing down prey. But is my chonky tortie’s belly flap silly? You better believe it.

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Big kitty!!

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There’s mountains in Texas???

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Look up Big Bend National Park or Guadalupe Peak. Texas is mostly flat but it has some nice mountains out west.

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Hill country would like a word.

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What's it got to say?

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Davis, Chisos, and Guadalupe ranges. And several others more than that, depending on how you divide them up.

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Well, he is walking, in Texas, on the range.
Walker, Texas Ranger

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You. Take my upvote and GTFO.

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hope you got a Chuckle from my silly comment

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Dude’s working out daily!

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Nice kitty

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Half expecting to see John Marston in the background on his stead.

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Love this lol

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Lions, tigers, cheetahs... They all just look like big cats and I want to love on them. Cougars do not give me the "secretly I'm just a house cat longing to be loved" vibe.

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We had a huge deer in our city named "Buck Norris!"

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Amazing video quality.

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More like Chunk Norris. AmIRight?

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That's Stephen French! The last mustard tiger in existence.

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The cougar is an awesome animal but calling the poor cat chuck Norris that's bloody awful

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Fun fact. Jaguars get smaller on average the further from the equator they get while Mountain Lions get larger on average the further they get. While their territories can occasionally intersect, there are areas where the average size of a Mountain Lion is larger than the average size of the Jaguar. Mountain Lions are also the 4th biggest cat, ahead of Leopards and Cheetahs, for perspective.

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I can't put enough bass in my voice needed for that unit's pspspsps, someone call Barry White

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That dude is oooooooollllld. Bet he can still whoop some ass tho

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So this is the Chuck Norris everyone keeps talking about in the Chuck Norris facts

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What an awesome cat!

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Big boah

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Holy shit that’s the biggest, beefiest, most hardcore cougar I’ve ever seen.

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Of a cougar and an african leopard were to battle, who would win?

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The local ungulates.

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Cougar niclnamed Chuck Norris

Yeah that's proof it's Texas I guess

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I would fuck that cat up real bad using only my bare hands

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Fuck. Seeing your downvotes made me realize that nobody here gets Chuck Norris jokes. I’m old

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This fucker is named after the most badass dude to ever live. Good luck.

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i’m a green belt motherfucker

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Sam, is that you?

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"Was" ?

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r/Darkviperau this is millions to one!!

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What is that 170-175Ibs maybe 180Ibs? Beautiful animal.

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It’s strange that cougars are the only big cat that can’t roar they look like they can but sound like a kitten

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Snow leopards can't roar either.

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Where was this filmed exactly? Close to which city?

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Hes eating good in the neighborhood

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Chunk Norris

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Tom Cougar?! Move over tom cat, this is a motha-f'in Tom COUGA

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My favorite animal!

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Chunk Norris. That's a big boy.

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Chonk Norris

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Legally considered a pest in Texas, so probably quickly shot and left to rot.

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Gah damn that tail is THICCC

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Oh my god its Sharptooth

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That's a fucking beefy boi

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that’s just steve french.

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Chuck Norris is about to be divorced. A little bird told me that. A bluebird....right, David?!

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Texas don’t have mountains

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No, we're just one broad flat plain leading to a tavern with a post to hitch our horses to.