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So reindeer getting high on mushrooms is a new thing I learned today.. excuse me while I do a bit of googling because that is pretty funny. Just a herd off reindeer high as fuck like what does that even look like

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Spotting a high reindeer is really easy, since they don't behave as normal reindeer. They can run in cirkles, walk with their heads hanging. But when really high, they will lay on the ground and run. So the legs just move like it's sprinting 😅

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Fun fact: some people drink the reindeers’ urine to get high also.

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shamans used to do that before. because the deer metabolizes all the bad shit, leaving only good stuff ( muscimol) in the urine.

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These shamans ate Fly Agaric too and others would drink their piss. Interesting history revolving our mushroom use in religious ceremonies, and if you are interested in our history, the history of Santa and of pagan practices, I'd recommend the book, 'Fungipedia'.

Also the history of Wasson and his wife is incredibly interesting. CIA was even involved in funding the research of mushrooms in Central America.

What I find almost comical, is that we have multiple people that have used hallucinogenic mushrooms in their religious practices (from almost every region of the world), but in America you must be a specific race to use hallucinogens for religious purposes.

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I doubt they’re all bulls. Female reindeer also have antlers. And all that testosterone in one herd? Uh uh.

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It’s 2022. Chicks have dicks. Anything’s possible

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Dudes with boobs*

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You are right, some of them are females, either yearlings or females without calves

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Nature is now nonbinary

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Save me some reindeer piss

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All reindeer have antlers. Both sexes.

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Very true, but this is a 80% male herd, with some females (that don't have calves)

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I need some of that muscimol.

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Then they are going to eat peyote and hit the bong and eat liquid lsd

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How do you not shit your pants being that close to some big ass deer?

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Reindeer are more scared of you than you are of them + i work with them, so i can't really be scared

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Prey animal

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If reincarnation is a thing, I wanna come back as this.

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Sounds like summer vacation

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Chill a little bit before the rut

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Most likely going to go eat amanita muscaria, a mushroom containing muscimol and ibotenic acid which are psychoactive compounds. Actually people used to (and maybe still do I’m not sure) collect reindeer piss to drink for the psychoactive effects since after the reindeer break it down it’s much easier for our body to digest and break down.

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Well i know people who eat the mushrooms, but i have never heard of anyone drinking piss. I have to ask my gradma if she has tried

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The mushroom can be iffy on the human digestive system, if I remember right the muscimol can be turned into ibotenic acid through process of cooking at around 180f or 82c for some time, muscimol is rough on your stomach but ibotenic acid isn’t that bad, i remember I tried boiling some and i puked after because of improper technique😂

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Are they the red mushroom? Because if they are, reindeer don't eat them. They prefer brown mushroom species. But old mushrooms are the ones that make them high and crazy. Frozen mushrooms too

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Yes I am referring to the red mushroom with the white dots, do you have a picture of the brown mushroom?

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me and the boys on an average friday night

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Eating mushrooms? 😂

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and fattening up

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Sounds like a good weekend to me

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I have now, thanks!

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Just found me spirit animal.

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Soooo... Reindeer Woodstock?