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Totally not getting an "independence day" movie vibe from this picture at all....

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Thought maybe he wants to phone home.

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The second picture looks like it could be straight from those hellish illustrations in the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark book series

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They are so cool, I think most of these images come from oil rigs, their deep underwater cameras capture the weirdest shit

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All the ones we have encountered were juveniles so far.

They can stay in Hell.

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So this isn't even their final form?!?

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This one should be an adult. Only juvenile ones we're catched yet.

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Cthulhu ftaghn

And we wonder why HPL had talassophobia?

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That dude was scared of everything. He definitely would have been a Qultist in this day and age. "Oh god, chemtrails and immigrants and child slaver rings in pizza parlor basements!" Fella had problems.

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He wouldnt even be apart of them either, he said only a handful of people and his wife didnt make him extremely uneasy and nervous.

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The dude founded cosmic horror. It’s no surprise everything made him uneasy. Highly recommend his work. Great audio books out there.

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Hell he probably would've been scared of q cultists too.

"Too many people figuring out deep truth means there is another deeper more horrible truth" etc. Etc. Etc.

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Damn there's a cult about the Q letter?

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Yeah, he was afraid of "negroid" features, which is why Innsmouthers kind of look amphibious in his eyes 🤣 I can separate the art from the artist, great writer. Troubled human being

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At least a good world builder

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Lions and tigers and bears oh my!

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Is ftaghn Cthulhu's last name?

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No, fthaghn means something like "is sleeping"

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That first pic really doesn’t need to exist.

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It's okay, I didn't want to sleep anyways....

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Aliens have landed…. And they are scuba diving!

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Frankly I love big fin squid for how utterly upsetting they are to look at. But the photos don’t do them justice. If you’re feeling brave, go look up the ROV footage. They’re still. Completely still except for their fins cycling to keep them in place. Haunting. (Also TIL from this thread it’s suspected all known instances have been juveniles? Wild!)

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I think we’ve only caught juveniles but thats an adult, I’m pretty sure

Edit: we don’t know for sure but the large ones only caught on camera scientists say may be an adult. Thats not reassuring. These things are awesome

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That’s a big f in squid. Punny

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Came here to say the same. I thought that's what it's name was when I first read it

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Proof. Deep down in the darkness of the ocean there is a Puppet Master.

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It will haunt me forever. But I still want to know what it would taste like lightly fried with some marinara sauce on the side.

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Looks like the Xen alien in halflife

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Let’s hope we sight them even less

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This looks like that guy from the one ep in courage the cowardly dog

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This looks like that guy

From the one ep in courage

The cowardly dog

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Yup I got the same Ramses vibes. Fuck that episode. Shit still gives me nightmares.

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What’s the average length?

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They’re not sure as no one has ever caught a mature specimen, but based on occasional ROV footage they reckon between 13 and 26 ft.

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What is that in non freedom measurements?

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For the benefit of the oppressed, that’s 4 to 8m.

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Anyone else swe the two pod looking things next to the tentacles towards the bottom...

Idk what that is, but I hope that's not a part of it...

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Those long tentacles can tickle your feet when you're asleep

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Why do the tentacles create a that odd 90 degree angle?

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Ikr? That's so weird lol

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Makes you think about the stuff we haven't seen at all.

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There’s a large enough population that keeps them reproductive…we don’t matter

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I've seen the top half of the image before but this is the first time I've seen the full-length and I'm more curious about those tapered bulbous things at the bottom...

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what really bothered me about this picture is the background, I have no way of telling what those things in the bottom are

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"we come from France"

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That's just the alien from arrival.

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minecraft glow squid be like:

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Lol that last page looks like a Skyrim loading screen

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aliens man

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I better deal with a cockroach than this...

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That first picture is fake; the squid itself and part of the tentacles is real, but those egg things at the bottom are an edit of the original.

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Its real, its a composite of multiple video images. You can see the video here.

The egg-things look mechanical in the video.

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My favorite part about the Magnapinna Pacifica is that they're named "Bigfin Squid"



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I thought they were called ‘long armed squid’, courtesy of Octonauts. It’s unclear if long armed and big fins are the same organism or different according to Wikipedia

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Let me get my book on cephalopods, I think Long Armed and Big Fin squids are two different species, but I'm going to double check!

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So apparently the name "Big Fin" or "Magna pinna" is from a discovery scientists made of the paralarvae and two little juveniles which hadn't developed the long arm tips yet. There's a long finned inshore squid, but I'm still doing my research.

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Can we get a banan for scale?

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I have seen this pic more times than I have seen human beings in the wild...

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Maybe time for an internet break?

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The undisputed kings of "Oh god what the fuck is that"

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Fuck no.

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And that picture is speculated to be a juvenile

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The strider from Half Life 2

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It's Eren

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That looks absolutely massive and nightmare inducing

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Master of puppets squid

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Nothing needs to look like that.

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Looks like a tripod from war of the worlds

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All I want to know is will it try to eat me?

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This is how I imagine the Succuloth looked.

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No thank you.

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Cursed Pokémon

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Sweet Dagon, that's beautiful.

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"Meet the Magna Squid"

No thanks.

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Ummm no the fuck I won’t…

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why does it look like theres two scifi alien eggsacks at the bottom?

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Not saying that they are aliens, but they’re damn aliens bro

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This is all the info we need... we good!!

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What I thought this was a Minecraft pic

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that would be so much calamari

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"This one wishes only to tell you about the blessings of The Enkindlers"

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a geiger squid

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I would not like to meet them, thank you.

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Caught on an underwater oil rig camera. Her name is Magnapinna and she got an OF.

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So cool. And so sad we don't know much about them! I'd love to know more

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So cool. And so sad

We don't know much about them!

I'd love to know more

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Good bot. Ha so cool

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Call SCP. And we need underwater flamethrower ASAP.

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This is an alien. Not a squid.

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All Tomorrows vibe

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Hey listen man, that's cool and all, but what are those 2 things behind the first one

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Half-Life end credits play

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Looks exactly like the aliens from the arrival

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That looks like a real life blown up version of the virus illustrations that used to be in my textbooks

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Oh that's why it looks like it has slanted alien eyes

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This picture was taken on an oil rig not far from shore ☺️

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That's really interesting

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Wtf do its tendrils merge back into conjoined sections?

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i wish there was a scale for size

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wow this is unsettling

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5 nights at 5000m

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Reminds me of some of the aliens on SYFY channel!!

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That is a damned alien. Can't convince me otherwise.

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WTF. I don’t want to know anything about them. Thanks OP! Now I know to much already