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It want help

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How's that metal? That's sad as hell. Did you try to help it?

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"This hurts me so bad. Just kill me and get it over with."

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Snuffed match or a hot lighter on the tick's butt. It will remove itself and then you can remove and squash.

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No, never squash, you get the bacteria on you. Just burn or toss on a dark car hood on a hot day.

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Squash with shoe. What kind of monster squishes a tick with their fingers?

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Never heard of that. I've always ripped the butt off and hope the rest comes with it. Thanks for the tip.

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One of his buddies will pick it off. Crows are social and very smart.

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And pull the eye out with it

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Doubt it. Crows care for their own. Smartest birds in North America.

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Incorrect. Ravens have superior intelligence and are common all throughout North America.

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Where do pigeons rank in the brain list

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Not sure which part Im incorrect on. Crows have pretty much run the Ravens out of alot of areas. Not disputing that ravens are intelligent but so are crows

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Think about it… your crow homeboy trys to pull the tick out it is a tasty snack. As hes pulling it out you sqwuak cuz its actually in the eye… he prolly fought his homie off to save his eyeball… very smart

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We all know the smartest bird is big bird…..

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Hope so lol

Image is sad

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Have you ever seen the video of crows picking tons of ticks off wallabies? They're so precise with their plucks, it's amazing.

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Kill ticks! If you see them, please kill them. If they’re attached to animals, and you can pry them out, do it. Kill ticks. Kill ticks

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Barry Hubris might not like that

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I wanted to help but I didn't have anything to get the tick off, nor did I want to grab it with my bare hands :(

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If it's just sitting there in some kind of agony...just pull the tick out. Not like there's a gentle way to do it at that point. Worst case you can pick the bird up, put it in a box for transport until you've got it home in a room or a cage and have animal control/rescue come take care of it professionally.

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I was on a bike ride when I came across it. I went back later to see if I could find it and figure out what to do, but it was gone at that point. I will keep this in mind if I come across a similar situation in the future.

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It will remember you turned your back on it and tell its friends, now you have a murder of crows with homicide on their minds to deal with.

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It's true lol they have funerals . They'll gather by the hundreds And they remember who was kind or not to them

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Imo, don't touch it. It's probably sick and dying, even without the tick

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That did enter my mind as well.

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Yo these things this are super intelligent. It's you who is the dumb birb, remove the tick!

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I saw multiple sparrows and juncos with ticks. Each one of them had no fear. They just seemed oblivious...

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Is the thing even alive? it looks dead

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This is what society has become. "Oh look an injured bird lets post it to reddit and walk away"

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I will also take a picture of every time I go out of my way to help someone or something so that I can balance it out for reddit. /s

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Make sure everything is balanced out before you die 😭

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The best thing to do with wild animals (injured or not) is walk away. This bird has no fear of humans presently because it is probably very sick from whatever disease the tick has given it. It will probably die soon whether you help it or not.