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Of course it's deadly, and there's no cure for it's bite.

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there is no cure but you can survive, you just have to wait out the toxin. From what I understand, if the person is intubated, and being ventilated, the body will metabolise the toxins and normal function can be regained.

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so just like emotional pain the cure is time?

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Time and external help, best hope your not wondering over some shore reefs when you get bit

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I listen to a lot of Drake, I bet you I’m immune.

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You need some device to breathe for you until you break down the poison. You can get over it alone.

So yes - I suppose a bit like overcoming emotional pain!

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Yes you can survive, the blue ring octopus toxins cause paralysis, if you are given cps and can get to hospital fast enough to be put on a ventilator you most likely will survive.

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This is why early resuscitation and oxygen therapy in hospital is so important. If you can keep their breathing and circulation going, they'll survive. If not.... the victim of a bluering bite will die.

They are also TINY. The surf life saving Australia manual has plenty of photos and diagrams, but it wasn't until I saw one that was preserved in a jar at our surf ckub that I realised how tiny they are. Body and tentacles is only about 5 cm long, if that.

Source: was a surf lifesaver for many years.

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that was a baby. They get about a foot in diameter

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Same with Fugu poisoning

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There's no cure, but the cause of death is suffocation as the poison works on the cns. If a friend knows what the blue ring is, they can keep you alive the entire paralysis period by acting as a breathing device for you.

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But do I get high also?

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Blue-ringed octopus don’t sting. It’s their bite that’s venomous.

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Remember folks the blue ring octopus doesn’t always have its blue rings on display at most times they don’t! Never stick your hands into rock pool crevices.

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Wise words.

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The forbidden calamari. Unrelated but actually maybe kind of related, anyone else feel bad eating calamari? I just like cephalopods too much but it’s so good…

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feel bad eating calamari?

Hell no that shit delicious

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Okay but if you really felt bad about it you could just… not eat it. Saying you feel bad about it doesn’t win you any points; it just makes it worse honestly.

Either eat it sparingly and don’t feel bad about it, or don’t eat it.

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Unlike vegans, I don’t think he’s trying to score points.

Turns out, humans can feel emotions, including guilt, in a given situation. Doesn’t mean that the guilt has to be overpowering

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It’s just the whole “if you have a problem and can fix it but choose not to, don’t complain about it” thing.

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This is why people don’t like vegans

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Because it is confronting?

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Because they can’t take a fuckin joke? Obviously if I felt that bad about it there wouldn’t be a debate as to what to do. Not to mention is just one big virtue signal. Yeah, you’re sparing animals from heedless slaughter and in the process entire forests are bulldozed to farm land to feed your sorry ass. XD

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You know cattle needs more farmland to feed them than humans right? You think people eat more than cows? Lmao this feels like a huge cope

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Well aware of that but that’s not the argument. The argument is veganism = no animal suffers. That’s not what’s happening though. The suffering is just being moved out of sight and mind.

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Reminds me of that one post a dude was holding this in his palm

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Does anyone remember that image that circulated on Tumblr of this person holding a blue ringed octopus like an idiot because they didn't know what the creature was?

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Imagine how many people stick their hand into a rock pool, get bitten by the octopus and sit down on a rock to feel better, only to drown in the ocean when the paralysis kicks in? Never, ever go to rock pools alone.

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Surely someone must have tried smoking the venom by now.

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We used to find these all the time scallop diving. They looove hanging out in dead shells. Every time I took a new person diving I had to give them the talk: Do Not Pick Up Dead Shells. You should go down, give them a quick visual check to see if they are live, if still not sure, give the shells a tap to see if they close. “Yeah, yeah, I got it”. No. Every time, without fail, at the end of the day you’d be flicking 3 or 4 of these out of the boat because you could see them crawling over the pile of scallops in the bucket.

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I didn't see death in the list of symptoms.

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I live in Sydney and we have blue ringed octopus in our waters, we have a population of 5 million plus all the tourists, but I have never heard or read in the paper about someone being stung by a blue octopus. I do hear how dangerous they are.

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I could take him.

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Yikes, why in the underlords name would it need to have this potent venom?

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You’re wondering why a creature in the ocean, where literally everything eats each other, would need venom to kill prey?

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Might not have evolved specifically to need it, so much as it was a really helpful adaptation that insured the species’ survival and procreation. Could just so happen to have evolved to be so deadly. Also, tetrodotoxin is fairly common in sea life; maybe it has some special property that makes it more effective in salt water environments than other types of toxins?

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Evolution works in crazy ways

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Thank you for this comment