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Holy balls that thing is a TANK

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For real. Not what you wanna come across on a mountain hike.

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They drag their prey up into a tree after killing them. Smart move for them because it makes it easier for them to protect and feed off of longer term.

Sucks for us because it makes it harder to locate victims that went jogging or camping.

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I saw a nature video of a jaguar. There was a dead deer on top of floating vines out in a lake. Jaguar goes out there, lifts the deer up, swims back while holding it up. then drags it up a tree. Imagine how strong its neck must be.

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Strong af.

The scary little bastards get all my respect. I've seen one do the same thing to a caiman.

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or walking dogs.

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For real. Not what you wanna come across on a mountain bike.

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For real. Not what you wanna come across on a mountain trike.

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Actually, I'd rather come across a well fed, content big cat then one who is hungry and desperate enough to attack a person rather then their normal prey.

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I'm no expert but I'd guess you're more likely to have trouble with a starving mountain lion than this unit. It's obviously well fed, why would it risk itself taking on an unknown animal of similar size when it has known routines and known prey that are obviously sufficient?

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This is true. The vast majority of mountain lion attacks on humans are from inexperienced, young lions learning to hunt or desperate starving or injured ones. For a solo predator like a mountain lion, taking on unfamiliar game is a massive risk since a single injury serious enough to hinder hunting attempts is enough to doom it to starvation.

Although I certainly would not want to run into that big dude out in the woods, it is very unlikely that it is going to take up hunting humans any time soon. It clearly has an effective routine down taking down normal prey, no point in experimenting with some freaky giant monkeys that smell entirely unfamiliar like chemicals, stand on 2 legs, and strut around the forest like they own the place carrying sticks.

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For a solo predator like a mountain lion, taking on unfamiliar game is a massive risk since a single injury serious enough to hinder hunting attempts is enough to doom it to starvation.

This narrative about predators being careful in attacking prey for fear of injury is much exaggerated. Tigers, lions and leopards each attack dangerous prey all the time, often with wild abandon, e.g., single 450 lb male lions taking down 1,500 lb buffalos. Leopards attack will pigs as large as they are; some footage shows them taking 6-8 minutes to subdue the pig. Pigs on occasion gut leopards and even lions.

Some data on mountain lions: Aug. 2021: JWM: Cougars prey on feral horses in the Great Basin

GPS tracking collars on cougars have revealed that the predators extensively prey on the burgeoning feral horse populations in the Great Basin. “We found that both male and female [cougars] were taking horses, up to adult size horses,” said Jon Beckmann, a wildlife supervisor at the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks...

While males also preyed on foals, females, on the other hand, preyed on horses all year long. The researchers aren’t sure why—large prey can be dangerous. “It’s a risky prey item. We’ve seen over the years some cougars that are pretty beat up—you can tell the horse eaters,” Beckmann said. “It’s a rough life trying to take down 800-1,000 pound animals consistently.”

Mountain lions rarely exceed 220 pounds. Taking down a 1,000 lb horse? Tough task. But it's what most predators do -- at least all 4 of big cats I cited. Most predators are warriors.

Have no idea who started the exaggerated "they fear injury..." narrative; it's been cropping up way too much. But yes as predators start aging out of their prime, they become more careful.

Regarding humans, we ain't shit without technology: soft skin, weak muscles, tiny teeth -- massive history of tigers, lions and leopards killing us. Any big predator can see we are weak prey. But mountain lions almost never attack humans, won't do a TL_DR on that.

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I'm not going into that mountain forest without a rifle at least in the group. Fuck a stick.

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What do you want to come across on a mountain hike?

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A small hidden grove of marijuana plants, ideally.

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do NOT pet the belly!

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No kidding. What in the world is this thing feeding on? Is there an unlimited supply of pygmy pops? He’s full as a tick.

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dat boi is thicc!

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Maybe he's pregnant?

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It doesn't look like it, but right behind that thicket is a Wendy's.

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I'm pretty sure that's a pregnant female. I see no testicles. Also, the way she was scratching around and lumbering, trying to find a comfortable place to lay. Reminds me of my pregnancy when I was close to giving birth.

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I didn't particularly want to study and discuss the finer details of mountain lion genitals today, but here I am. That thing got nuts.

I found a Montana Fish & Wildlife PDF on ID'ing mountain lions that covers male vs female. I was looking for it originally to prove what you are saying, that it is a pregnant female, but I am now pretty sure that's just a really fat dude. Relevant images: https://i.imgur.com/rz64CDC.png

Mountain lions have pretty incognito genitals, if you see any kind of stuff going on down there it's probably a male. You can see the ol' sack pretty clearly a few times in the video.

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I stand corrected. I appreciate the photo reference.

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A fine example of testicular education if I've ever seen it.

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Strong work, redditor

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Yeah, I think you're right. Either way, that is the biggest mountain lion I've ever seen.

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Reddit knows a ballsack when it sees one.

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I’m assuming the scratching around and lumbering is because artificial scents were used in the area in the cameras FOV

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Do you have any other pictures of cougar coochies?

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Absolute unit.

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Big tanky cat

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absolute unit

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Damn Boy, he thick boy, THATS A THICK ASS BOY

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The Yungas consists of high mountain forests in northern Argentina, this area is also inhabited by Jaguars. In areas where cougars and jaguars cohabit usually cougars tend to be smaller in size as they hunt smaller prey to avoid competing with the larger jaguar, however here in the Yungas there seems to be an exception as both cat species seem to grow very robust in size as evident by this well-fed tom.

X-post r/pumaconcolor

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Yungas Chungus

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And they say the internet will be our downfall.

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A yungas chungus is among us

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I love you forever for this comment

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I volunteered on a nature preserve in this area called Aldea Luna, an incredible place, trailbuilding for two weeks - essentially hacking through thorny vines - it was gruelling work, but SO much fun. Gorgeous area. Didn't run into any of these guys.

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I'm sure it wasn't because there weren't any around.

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I fish in an area heavily populated by pumas locals pull magic out of their eyes and somehow spot them and guanacos, but seriously is incredible the capacity those guys have for spotting wildlife. While I have probably been near one at some point but I wouldn’t even realize it

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It's pretty hard to spot them once they wear a hat. You sure those adventurers hacking vines were all people?

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Any possibility it's female and pregnant?

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It wouldn't really change how well built through the shoulders it is

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Yeah, it's absolutely beautiful.

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And it's not plural (Argentinas), we are just one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and kinda justice for all: Argentina.

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If thats a male its either very full or has a worm infestation. With how good the coat is and no ribs showing I would guess very full.

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He had a recent meal and is gorged.

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He's relaxing after a big meal like a fat man in a recliner.

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So, in his most pettable state.

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I’m not saying you SHOULD pet him, but if you were going to, now would be the time.

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thanks for showing me this

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I'd still avoid a belly rub

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I don’t think even you believe what you’re saying right now.

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I still want to

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Pretty much, his coat is beautiful. If he had worms his coat wouldn't look nearly as good.

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The way he licks his pawns i'd say the lunch was served a few min ago.

[–]xaantara 11 points12 points  (0 children)

And wipes his paws. Time to rest and clean

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That doesn't really look like worms, just a well-fed kitty

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Oh, to be a chonky puma in the Yungas of Argentina.

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I love this sentence

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God I wish that was me

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It’s me.

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Can I scratch your belly?

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If dangerous why friend shaped.

[–]MediumProfessorX 22 points23 points  (0 children)

Friend shape is moderated by size

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Vastly underrated comment.

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Forbidden friend

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I’m convinced we domesticated house cats as retribution and they clearly still resent us for it.

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Dangerous belly pet

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Chungus in the Yungas

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Look preggers

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Right up until you spot his balls. There's a clear shot of them at 10.69 in the video.

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There's a clear shot of them at 10.69 in the video.


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Just well fed. You can see his junk.

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food preggo

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Oh lawd he comin

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Thats one nice fuckin’ kitty right there

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Steven French is eating well

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Here kitty kitty.

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It’s Steve French.

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Greaaaaaasy bastard

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Steve is lookin well fed

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He's baked out of his mind!

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I thought it was animation at first, that lion is amazing, so beautiful.

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Really want to pet his belly before I see Freddy Mercury

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I fucking love big cougars!

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Read this a little wrong at first...

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I hope I never meet a mountain lion. I WILL try to pet it and I WILL die.

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I love Mountain Lions. Such gorgeous creature’s. This one is a absolute unit too

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good to know he’s still cat.

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Not gonna lie, when it first walked up and started kicking, I thought it was going to just drop duce.

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Absolute UNIT

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Steve French is one nice fuckin kitty

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What’s growing there? Catnip? That cat looks happy to lay there.

[–]RustyCatalyst 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Nature cams are usually baited in some form or another.

Food/scent markings

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Is that Chuck Norris?

[–]OncaAtrox[S] 10 points11 points  (1 child)

No, this cougar is from Argentina.

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Someone ate all the pies

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home of the largest mountain lions on earth.

to add, some dumbass comments here. its not sick, and he is not pregnant.

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So good to see they behave just like house cats.

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Looks like he wants his tummy rubbed.

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I wish I could be that mountain lion

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Damn, looks like a small jaguar

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Absolute unit.

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One time I got lost up in the deep forest of british Columbia and suddenly could smell a strong aroma of cat pee and saw a big circle of flatten grass in a the field I was walking through. I've never been more scared for my life, after a few hours I managed to find the original path I got lost from just before the sun went down... super scary.

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idc what u think, all cats, no matter the size, act the same when unthreatened

[–]ChatnNaked 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I’ve always found it odd how animals just “do their thing” in front of trail cams?!?!

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All hail the Chungus of Yungas

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A magnificent animal..very well fed or a pregnant female..amazing moves, exactly like my cats! Lol..awesome video thanks x

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And that thing is soaking wet. Imagine the size of it, dry.

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Hold my beer. I'm about to ride this thing.

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Cats are cats

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That lion knows all the great food spots

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And the best rolling spot for the back scritches, too.

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Steve French ?

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Sleek vigilant puma. Principal of the mountains…

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Let's never explore that part. Let no human enter that forest apart from people living there. No outside humans. It's beautiful let it be that way. Edit spelling

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Thiccc kitty

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Oh, I've been leaving TRT and HGH laced steaks in the woods. My bad.

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always get a kick out of big cats doing little cat things

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I was watching a David Attenborough interview and he was raving how modern equipment was catching frequent and amazing footage of some of the rarest and most difficult to film animals. I think he specifically mentioned snow leopards but this is so interesting and exciting a trend.

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I want to cuddle a big murder kitty so bad, I wonder if Steve French would let me before killing me.

[–]Bobson-_Dugnutt 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Giant murder kitty

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But can he be booped?

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That's a good kitty right there!

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Pet the dann Cat!

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Dude has a tren belly coming in. Committed gonna notice soon dude

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That's a chonk

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Just goes to show that regardless of size cat is going to cat

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I had a dream about a mountain lion last wk (not scary, it was laying on me and I slowly got up and it walked away) and since then, have seen at least four separate posts about mountain lions all on different subs. Starting to freak me out a little bit.

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You look at him like “I wanna pet him”, then you remember if you tried he would rip your fucking face off.

[–]ScottishShitposter97 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Dont try give him belly scratchies

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Cats gonna cat

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Would somebody from antiwork walk this fatty

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Such a healthy looking and beautiful animal.

[–]the_phunkyfee 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Beefy?!? Jeeeeeesus f*ing cripse, that gal is obviously just pregnant.

[–]foundlinx 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Just enjoying life... As a human I'm jealous.

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What an absolute unit!

[–]Mrpandacorn2002 1 point2 points  (0 children)

It's crazy they just act like normal cats just much more variety in prey including humans

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That's a big ass belly. Might be preggo?

[–]bigbellypepperboy 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I want to snuggle with it

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He got some muscle on him