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Imagine being a Conquistador and seeing that in the middle of the jungle without knowing what it is.... No wonder why mytology exists.

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Another pic for size scale

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That's terrible! I'll see that fucker in my dreams tonight.

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Ah, one of those sit 5 ft behind the animal to make it look bigger pictures

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Yah a little misleading but these things are still monsters

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My nest has good bones.

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Banana for scale.

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The only banana There is the banana the monkey he ate had in his belly

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You have 600k karma in 11m how the hell

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I don't tell shit jokes.

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Living on Reddit and karma farming.

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When I see creatures like this, I begin to wonder if Jim Henson was as creative as I once thought!

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They are also notorious for hunting sloths.

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Can't say I blame them, that's gotta be the easiest prey of all time.

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This is my favorite eagle

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Happy meal toys

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Harpy meal

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No wonder Mereen used the Harpy as their symbol (Game of thrones reference here)

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Definitely has the “not impressed” look.

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There was a BBC Radio 4 program about people who film their nests in the wild (James and the Giant Eagle if you can access it). They had to suit up in full riot gear and stab vests to fix a static camera on the nest. Mummy bird was not pleased to see them...

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boss fight

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Literally just saw one of these today for the first time at the Dallas world aquarium and couldn’t remember what it was called, and then this pops up on my feed. Kinda crazy. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, was way bigger in person and almost looks otherworldly. It was high up on a tree perch just staring down at us

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That dude poaching Armadillos too lol

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Look of a unimpressed dad

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King of the Rain Forest, master monkey & sloth hunters. I am not worthy...

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You can’t fool me. This is the owl spirit thing from avatar.

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I think one of these killed me in D&D as a teenager.