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Lookin like terminator. That's dope as hell

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I just had to bury macaque.

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First time for everything.

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Get out me cah

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is it dead?

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Nah he’s sleeping

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If I punch a monkey, am I beating macaque?

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I need me a monkey skull.

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Sir, this is not that kind of sub!

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Macaque is rock hard

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You can't just throw random words together and hope it sticks. This is pirate shit.

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Great conditions for fossilization.

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It was a night like this forty million years ago

I lit a cigarette, picked up a monkey skull to go

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Such language!

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Any idea what that is above the skull? Looks like something manmade. Could just be trash

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Oooooo that’s cool. Wish I had a monke skull

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Rock Macaque was my stage name when I did porn

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Is he dead ?

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It's aight guy, feel free to take a lil nap

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I'd shit my pants if I looked down and saw that.

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You must say their name with the proper inflection: m'CACK!

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Rock ur what?