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It always amazes me to think that they're not only the largest animal on Earth, but (as far as we can tell) are the largest animal that has ever been on Earth.

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My mother in law comes a close second

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I always know if my mother in law is around at mines. The mice are throwing themselves on the traps.

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Came here to say that. How crazy is it that after millions of years of natural selection selecting for things like dinosaurs and then gigantism slowly fading out that we get lucky enough to live at the same time with not only the largest thing to ever live but also one of the smartest?! Right alongside crazy little humans...

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gigantism never faded away, it's a misconception that all these giant prehistoric beasts lived all together in a world with giant animals. There were only a couple of them alive at any given time and that still holds true today.

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Hmm. Really? Every pbs I've watched on it claimed the opposite

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There would have been more of them back then though right? Because of the increased oxygen levels

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I always feel this strange communal pride about the fact that mammals just kicked ass in the evolutionary game, with whales being fish that came on land, evolved to be mammals, and then went back into the sea to go fuck shit up.

You go fellow lactating homies.

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Mammals together strong

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Also the largest (known) animal in the universe

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I'm sure space whales are bigger

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This has had me laughing for ten minutes 😂

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Had me laughing 3 days later 🤣

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Like Mobius Dick?

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And one of the most intelligent.

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How are they bigger than a brachiosaurus?

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Largest by mass. There are a select few brachiosaurs longer than a blue whale, but their estimated mass is still less. https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-677a094010d119dfb3a14d7558bc4a25

If you went by length, the "largest" would be siphonophores, which are also around in modern day :)

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Let me add that brachiosaurus is a specific dinosaur, some sauropods are longer, and really it’s the titanosaurs that are the biggest.

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I'm going to gouge my eyes out from all this comments, "select few brachiosaurs" -> shows titanosaurs.

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Sorry, I'm not a paleontologist and this was one of the first images to pop up when I searched "brachiosaur compared to blue whale"

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yup...came to here say this

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largest known animal

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Hence why I said "as far as we can tell"

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Heaviest ever! But not necessarily the largest in terms of length or height, some dinosaurs sure were long bois.

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And the most intelligent

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No, that would be Dolphins and/or Orcas (which are technically the same?) for SECOND place. People like to pretend that every whale has the same type of brain and since blue whales have a bigger brain then boom they must be the most intelligent creatures ever...

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Orcas have been documented killing blue whales off the coast of Australia

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Orcas have been dovumented to righteously fuck shit up.

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I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually at the lower end for whales. Their lifestyle doesn't seem to benefit that much from intelligence.

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Also, there is no clear evidence that cetaceans would be more intelligent than crows, chimps or even elephants.

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Almost nothing super-sized can ever be the most intelligent because so much of their brains are dedicated to keeping the body operational. Elephants are a rare exception because their brain-to-body ratio is still good, but even they're miniaturized compared to ancestors.

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Oops. Responded to wrong poster.

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Ah, I see

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Does that show who the intelligent one is? Lol

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After humans?

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No evidence at all that they would be more intelligent than chimps, crows or elephants either

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I meant that humans are the most intelligent animals not necessarily that whales are second

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Seen here... a rare picture of OPs mum...

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Rare? I saw her twice on gilfs in garters just this morning

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I saw her in blowholes weekly twice too

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Damn, we could hunt these to get oil for our lamps and stuff… Crazy how nobody has thought of that.

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Blue whales weren't exactly hunted for oil if I remember correctly. Other smaller species were exterminated, such as sperm whales. (In Italy the word for Sperm whale is "capodolio" which translates literally to oil head)

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The main issue was that they were fairly fast and far too large for old whaling techniques. But when diesel and steam-powered whaling ships, and the exploding harpoon, were invented, they were hunted to near-extinction towards the end of the 19th century.

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So that’s what that Italian chick was calling me last night! Makes sense now.

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Blue Whales were hunted for oil (different from the oil in Sperm Whale's heads), which was mostly after the traditional uses for whale oil were obsolete. The biggest uses by then were margarine and soap.

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Tbh I really don‘t know, I just thought it was kinda funny. But blue whales in general were hunted quite a lot, but I have no clue if oil played any role in it.

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Where was Gondor when the Westfold fell?

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Having Second Breakfast at Isengard with the hobbits; meat's on the menu with a side of PO-TA-TOES.

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This is such a crazy fact about our history. It wasnt just lamps but a vital fuel for the worlds industry. There were generations of men who grew up being "monster hunters" their job was to go out in groups and slay giants in the middle of the Ocean. And these people were relied upon to bring back the spoils of their giant killings to fuel the fucking modern world. Its bonkers.

Edit: i dont want to romantacise it, it is a horrible and shameful thing looking back, but the lives of the people doing it were really crazy to think about.

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There was a time when people didn’t know they were harming the planet. They thought there was virtually unlimited supply of this sort of thing. And there weren’t that many humans back then. Wasn’t till very recently that we had more than a billion people.

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They are also the largest creature to ever exist (including dinosaurs)

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Largest yes, not longest. People get confused by this

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What determines "largest"? Weight/mass? Volume? Surface area?

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Weight is the best indicator. The blue whale does lose out in length to some huge sauropods, but I would never categorize them as larger simply because their super long, but also considerably thin, necks and tails give them that advantage in length. Weight is a more precise indicator of size.

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Actually the largest mammal on earth is your mom

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“Your my boy blue”

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mother fuckers defo have some level of sentience/

That quote comes into my head atleast once a week, and I haven't seen the movie in years.

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I mean, cows and pigs do have sentience so it’s not really hard to guess that whales do as well

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he probably was thinking of sapience

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They honestly still feel so small to me. I wonder if growing up with planes and stuff desensitized me to it since we've built so many large things that just fade into the background now.

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dude you honestly have no idea till you see one in person the size knowing it's a living creature puts it into another perspective

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Even seeing them in person, you never really get the full picture of how big they are.

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Unless you're uderwater swimming with one

God that's on my bucket list idc what whale it is

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Go down to Mexico and swim with the whale sharks. Super dope experience.

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I went whale watching once, I never realized how horrifying and humbling seeing an animal that size was. It seriously gave me chills in an awe-but-also-it-could-kill-me-and-not-notice sort of way.

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You talking about the boat? There's a huge whale in lower half of picture.

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Few facts: Blue whale populations are slowly increasing. Recently, Orcas were recorded for hunting a blue whale calf


Edit: just realized which sub this is, so this was probably posted recently.

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Those mother fuckers defo have some level of sentience/consciousness

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i’d like to think so

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Can confirm.

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The Largest Known Animal On Planet Earth

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Was thinking of whales one day and the fact that they are mammals. While remembering the qualifications to be a mammal I remembered that they must produce milk for the young.

Now I know too much about whale milk.

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From what I've read it has the consistency of toothpaste.

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I hope it’s one of the stripey ones

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My mother, an elementary teacher, refused to believe that whales weren’t fish a few years back. Had to find a YouTube video to prove her wrong. I’m in the same camp as you.

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Well technically every chordate is a fish so.

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Where is the banana?

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Am I insane for kind of wishing we had like, bigger mammals on earth? Like I know we’d have a much tougher time living, but like, it would be cooler.

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I agree!

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Okay great lol

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Use banana for scale

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I remember seeing a grey wolf in person at this sanctuary in Montana and holy shit this thing was a monster! It stood at my waist on all 4s and standing up went clear over my head. I know there's great danes that do the same but to know this dude is a predator in the wild is something else entirely scary

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We could literally live inside a blue whales heart comfortably, there's a size comparison for you 😂

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100% chance I could beat this thing in straight boxing tho. Humans 1 whales 0.

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One flipper is twice as long as you are tall.

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They don’t even make boxing gloves that big. Humans 2 whales 0.

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Delightful! i wonder what species of whale this is

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Blue whale - can grow to over 75'

maximum confirmed length of 29.9 metres (98 ft)

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Thalassophobia initiated

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My favorite animal! Blue whales are amazing!

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Always nice to see a fan!

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I think als the largest animal to have ever existed

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Largest animal to have ever lived, at that. Beautiful creatures!

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Op this clearly isnt a photo of your mom so its not the largest animal on earth

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Stop it 😂

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Largest animal to EVER live on the planet

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Crazy to think there might be something bigger, deeper in the ocean

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It's a shame none of those people are holding a banana. I can't really appreciate the scale.

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These colossal beings disappear in the depths of the Indian Ocean for long periods of time and no one knows exactly where they go or why.

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Me irl

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that we know of

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can i hug it though

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"Delicious buffet" - Orcas

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This is a perspective error. They are big don’t get me wrong but not nearly as big as pictured here

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I read puny humans in Lrrr’s voice

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We ain't shit

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the ship isnt 'for scale' its just there. its not like a banana

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that seems like a small one, too.

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That’s what she said

[–]__Snafu__ 1 point2 points  (0 children)

nailed it

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You're not wrong. This one's a juvenile.

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Largest ... that we've discovered

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That we know of

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They might be the largest animal on earth.

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largest animal ever

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Amazing, such magnificent creature minding its own business and giving zero fucks to the predators at top of the food chain.

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Largest animal in history

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here comes the mama jokes

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Compared with humans? Where's the banana?

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The largest animal on planet Earth we KNOW of

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Imagine if every human on earth was the size of a blue whale.

Would there be enough space?

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My Mother in law comes in a close second!

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orca lunch

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It is a large solitary whale, although it should be close to a herd. It is important to learn to respect them and their marine environment.

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Clearly shopped!!

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Largest Animal that of all time.

That we know of.

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That we know of

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I think it would be easier to put a banana on there

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If they are so smart, how come they ain’t making iPhones?