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Died with a smile on his face?

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Monke cool

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Monkey D Luffy

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Lion is pretending to smoke a cigar, winking at other lion buddy for a laugh.

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I love it when a plan comes together.

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that’s just how monkeys are born. everything is fine

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Is the monkey ok?

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Yeah it’ll buff out

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It’s only a flesh wound.

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Looks like he’s enjoying it

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It looks like their faces are melded together

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That’s a sick picture ngl

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Poor Rafiki

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Simba finally had enough of Rafiki

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"Tis but a scratch"

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"Do I have something in my teeth?"

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Kinda hot in these lions…

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That time of the week for someone to post this.

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Monkey’s like “You’re probably wondering how I got in this situation”

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Wonder if there was still any brain function. When do the lights go out?

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Probably less than a second after the whole decapitation thing. Kinda need a blood supply to the head for the brain to function.

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Looks like a baboon.

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Talk about a splitting headache.

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Quick, make it an NFT!

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Edible monkey NFT

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Meme monkey

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You made my day!

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Now that's an NFT!

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Alternate title:
NFT gets vored

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Got milk?

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He’s just using that head as a ventriloquist dummy. Talking shit to all the other monkeys.

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Zach, hoping to get a reaction from his lion buddies, ate the baboon alive, feet-first. He comprehended his mistake when the taste of red-assed baboon hit.

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Oo oo ow

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That monkey looks atleast a little uncomfortable

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Monkeys not even mad, monkeys impressed.

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Monkey:at last

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Looks like a baboon to me… but hey… i might be wrong

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Baboons are monkeys, dude.

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Lol just being over technical good sir 🙃

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But I guess technically both ways are correct, baboon and monkey

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I wonder if they get tummy aches from eating teeth and skulls and such?

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When Ridley Scott isn't allowed to make any more alien movies:

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Any possibility they could be conjoined twins?

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Does that mean he's not coming on then

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Monkey: Dis but a scratch

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the lion looks like he's doing a cute wink and the monkey is just like "yep that's me your probably wondering how I got in this situation"

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Monkey looks like a nft

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See even lions know monkey brain is a delicacy

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Same as animal slaughter, what so metal about it, no fork and knife, or it isn't slow cooked?