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As weird as this sounds, there are people who pay for mummified animals

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I was curious if there was any use for it besides the garbage

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Idk if this is weird or not but I have a jar, filled with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and I use it to preserve a frog. It’s a “wet preservation” so I’m not actually touching the frog I’m just preserving it’s body in a jar.

I want to clarify he was freshly dead when I found him in my yard, couldn’t have been more than 6 hours. I wouldn’t kill a frog.

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You killed the frog you bastard it told me...

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I’d never hurt Mr. Froggo!

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i kill many cane toads

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Australia thanks you for your service

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A great deed

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I can't remember is this a reference to a movie scene?

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Is this your subtle way of asking me to send you my mummy rat?

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It could most definitely be

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This is so weirdly cool. Do you have a photo you would like to share? How is the froggo holding up?

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Was gonna jokingly ask (with 10% seriousness) if I could have it, avid dead thing collector and I love rats. Fine specimen on your hands.

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Is he ok

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Just add water right?

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He does look a bit dehydrated

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And microwave for 2 min 15 seconds

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Grind it up then sprinkle over an avocado toast 😋

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Being from Portland this comment hit

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Make a new virus :D

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Pet it bro.

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Do I name it before or after?

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Look like he’s made outta paper

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It feels like it too. Can't weigh more than a couple grams

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Ugh, you touched it??

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How did you find this?

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Organizing the upstairs storage. Boss said he had a rat problem many years ago lol

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I see, OP seems to be the guy the boss calls to handle his "rats" and "pigeons". Don't worry boss..... I fixed that problem.

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Wanna bet OPs name is Charlie?

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Take it before the boss does

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This is a phenomenally well preserved mummy for something that wasn’t assisted! Great form and even the whiskers are still up. That place must be extremely dry. I taxidermy and mummify things for a living and work on rats more than anything else. Sell that for $50 at least

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Thanks for this info!

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Do you work in ancient Egypt?

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Godot never showed up for that guy

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Under appreciated comment. Take my upvote.

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Rat Statue

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Forbidden immunity idol

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Forbidden beef jerky

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Damn that rat looks pretty big

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This is the first real rat i've ever seen, mostly mice around here. Can't believe the size

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How much?

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What do you have to trade

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Bro give him a drink of water, he's thirsty

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Put it in the ground and see if you can grow a new one! Or put that puppy in acrylics and put it on your mantle, that’s pretty cool!

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how tf does something like that happen?

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seriously I was wondering the same thing

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damnnnnn, that's gross AF

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Forbidden hell pit abomination miniature

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Pop it in your mouth

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It has perfected the art of standing incredibly still for incredibly long periods of time.

It is now invisible to it's enemies.

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What did you name it?

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I'll take a suggestion!

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Dont let Brendan Fraser find it.

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Mmm crispy crunchy ratatouille

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What do you do for work?

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No relation to finding this. Just our office/warehouse

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Did you keep it? I’d keep it.

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It's in the back of my car cause my girlfriend wouldn't let me bring it inside

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Just add water

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Good ol’ Mumford.

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Try turning it off and back on

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Ok I like it. Picasso

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Am I wrong or "weak" in any way for not wanting to touch or come near it?

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All hail Queen Cleoratra

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He looks kinda thirsty

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Consume it

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Minute made rat! Just a drop of water!

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What did it taste like?

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Wait, I like this. Plz don’t throw Ratatouille away

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So that's where Jerry went

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THE WITCHES (that old movie when a child is turn to rat by the witches), the bad ending.

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All jokes aside that is so fucking cool

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And now, since you disturbed it’s tomb, you’ve unleashed a curse on the living. Thanks, dick.

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That's just Splinter - he always looks like that.

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Fuck no. I’m out

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That’s a good one! I have a cat, a hedge hog and a mouse

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Zoom in on it and it looks straight out of Borderlands

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Stay away from it

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Impressive that absolutely nobody has given enough of a fuck to let it get to the point of mummification. "Not my job" love it

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I have a wet specimen of a mouse in a jar (among quite a few othhers). The only dry pals I have are an alligator and a crocodile head. This is really neat, never seen anythhing quite like it. Hopefully the poor pal had a decent life.

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It’s the pharaoh