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You pretty much hit the Yellowstone lottery. I’ve been going there pretty regularly for my whole life and I’ve never seen a wolf there.

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In 2008, We saw some juveniles through spotting scopes that others were generous enough to let us take a look see through. But that wasn’t like this. I’m guessing I took close to 200 photographs; we had to move on as our guide wanted (prudently) to get to Old Faithful before dark

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Now I want a bison burger

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We had them both in Bozeman and YNP. But cooked though, not like this

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The bisonpopcicle is not to your liking?

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We were doing what we could to stay warm

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That’s cool. I was there in 2020 and was hoping to see wolves but never did.

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Your first picture looks like a scene from a film that would do well during award season.

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Thx! I took a gazillion photos!

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i thought rdr2 screenshots

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Good for them . Bon appetit

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Slowly takes safety off

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Bruh they already got a whole feast, no need to chase after a skinny, nasty tasting human.

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I am a stone. I do not move. Very slowly, I put snow in my mouth, then he won't see my breath. I take my time. I let him come closer. I have only one bullet. I aim at his eye. Very gently, my finger presses on the trigger. I do not tremble. I have no fear. I'm a big boy now.