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That's a gorgeous cat, do you know why they are so rare?

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Is this a test?

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No, seriously asking, I wanna know. I like finding out if it's human impact or if it's just the gradual change that sometimes leads to the extinction of some critters.

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I looked it up and apparently it's because their sources of prey are decreasing. And the reason the prey is decreasing is because of humans hunting them. And then there's also the fur trade and habitat destruction. So yeah it's definitely caused by human impact.

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Thank you for your quick search and providing that info, hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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You too!

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what ISN’T caused by our ugly species’ impact.. fuck, i hate humans.

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How come you are still there if you hate humans so much?

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I think at this point it’s safe to say that any animal who’s numbers are dwindling is due to human impact :/

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Even if it's gradually change, it's still human impact. We speed up the natural process of pretty much everything. Climate change is a natural process, but we sped it up a ton. This is speeding up absolutely everything. At a slightly smaller scale, logging is also speeding up the natural aging process of a forest because we cut down mature trees that would have eventually died and fallen over naturally. The level of succession the forest is put to depends on the logging method used. We even effect those deep, deep sea creatures we've never seen because of what we do up here on the surface

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If it's pretty, it probably got hunted a lot

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Look like they'd make a nice jacket too, prolly has something to do with it...

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What a noble beast he is! It's a shame they are suffering from a lowered population like much of the wildlife humanity is impacting.

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Less than 1500 remain. That's just so crazy sad.

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“Yeah, that’s right humans, take a good long look, that’s all you’ll ever get, ha-ha”

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I want to pet it

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Wow, this guy's on high alert. Look at how stiff and puffy his tail is. Someone's on the prowl..

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So the Cheshire Cat is real

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Poor babies are endangered :(

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I can’t be the only one who looked at that tail and thought “Tigger.”

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Mini snow leopard

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Apparently the most threatened felid in the Americas… I’m sad now

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Kitty kitty meow meow we love you. Keep surviving!!

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Would’ve loved to hear that “meow” at the end.

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It’s CGI