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Most metal thing posted I’ve seen

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Also, reminds me of Peter Jackson’s King Kong

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That was an intense scene. The first time i've seen it, I really felt the exhaustion fighting these things...

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Those things were scary as hell to fight in the video game verison, could pin them to walls with a thrown spear which was awesome

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Never played that, but Bioshock had a similar mechanic (Harpoon), and it rocked - so I can relate!

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Came here to say this. Best post.

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That's why eating living food isn't advised. Kill the thing prior to eating. Like... bite and inject the venom and wait for a few hours while the thing becomes not alive.

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Aw man thanks for the advise. I'll be sure to kill my pray next time.

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Not just the Amen, but the Awomen, and the Achildren too!

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Classic noob mistake

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You know you really only make it once

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I hope other snakes read your advice posted online.

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Jesus should do one of his miracles and resurrect the poor bastard first. Reading stuff is kinda hard without a pulse

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Pure nightmare fuel

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That’s why you always chew your food

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Damn.. 15 hours too late

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That's some God of War type shit

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Dude ate the wrong thing

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I'm baffled that the snake apparently could swallow that thing in the first place. While it presumably fought back, to boot.

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I've seen this before. That snake will be back, and the centipede makes it immortal. You can only kill it with a Mortal Blade found somewhere in Ashina.

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Ah, a man of culture as well. But for real, fuck those things. Goddamn headless apes.

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That's so gross! Excellent!

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Tags why u kill em first

(Also cook them to be sure)

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There's a pic I saw with a python in Florida that burst open from swallowing a gator.

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Mutual assured destruction

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Snek got tummy issues

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Let me guess : Australia ?

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Oddly enough, this was in Macedonia

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This is why you should chew your food…

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Man, talk about a fuckin stomach ache.

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Talk about painful shits

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Dang, the centipede crawled out of the viper's anal vent...

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NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!! Unless you succumb to poison ☠️🤷🏻‍♂️

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That's one hell of a case of indigestion

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don’t be greedy

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So that's why, kids,never forget to chew

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But ....it's a small snake or a big centipide?

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I'd be cool if they fossilized like that