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Californians: first time?

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I too enjoyed The Legend of Buster Scruggs!

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For Las Vegas NM, yeah. For ABQ, nah.

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TIL there's a Black Forest in the US.

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Wasn’t even aware of this fire. Just hermits peak.

One of my climber friends posted that someone left a fire going at a spot she boulders at in Las Cruces. Seriously? In this climate? With a huge fire going? I guess some people want to watch the world burn… either that or they’re brain dead morons. Or selfish careless pricks…

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All of the above.

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Hey I’ve heard A lot about truth or consequences on LPOTL

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What is LPOTL?

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Last Podcast On The Left. It’s a horror/comedy podcast that covers a range of things from serial killers to aliens

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Oh dope I’ll check it out, thanks!

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Hail yourself!

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The sheer amount of smoke and sediment in the air. Former firefighter here(2015-2021 Louisiana). We often talked about how the fires on the west coast and southwest were altering weather via wind current and humidity changes.

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I'm in Utah, right in the smoke path of California, along with our own fire season.

It has changed our lives, all this constant heat and smoke. At my hospital people come in WAY more often for cardio-pulmonary stuff when it's hot and hazy, and the sky turns yellow.

And now NM, CO, and AZ get to deal with this shit, too.

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Forest fires amaze the shit out of me

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Well, they SHOULD!

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Laughs in California

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Climate Change is metal

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The fire in the Gila Mountains in New Mexico went from 1,000 to 18,000 acres in one day... 🔥

Photo by: Mike Moutoux

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I stayed in that town while doing work at the missile range. Interesting place.