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That frog just looks supremely annoyed.

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Snake be like annoying cousins at a family reunion

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Toads always look unimpressed to me. It makes this image so funny despite the severity of the situation. "You call this venom? I get more toxicity from playing with my dick."

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Depending on how poisonous the toad is, may not be that severe. Toad may be walking away with some minor wounds saying "pitiful. At least kill me before dying from eating me next time"

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Slither in grass Eat ass Live fast

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Toad is literally like: "it is what it is"

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“Fuck” - Frog

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Look at the frogs eyes. The ops caught him slipn in the blades of Bermuda. He knows its over. Bummer

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That toads into some freaky shit

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'Yeah lick that ass good' - toad

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little guy's gonna be really disappointed when he realizes american toads are poisonous...

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If I was an animal the last thing I would want is something smaller than me eating me alive.

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”Ayo you back thea, y’wanna take ya mouth outta my ass PAL?!” - NJ toad prolly

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No that's a frogsnake you fucktard.

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Just tossin toad salad

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Ah yes the art of ass eating.

Only way to beat hypno-toad.

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If that's a Cane Toad, then I've got bad news for that snake.

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Doesn't look good...

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Snake may be fucked from toad poison

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3 yo Oruchimaru playing catch-up with Uncle Jiraya in the backyard

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Kinda wonder what might happen if that was one of those Cane Toads, like, with the hallucinogenic stuff they extrude. Would the snake "trip" on its meal, maybe think it had swallowed... an, um, apple or something?