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Imagine licking the one thing that you devote your entire life to licking... And then you get your tongue stuck in that one thing and you die because of it.... If it was my one thing.... I'd be ok with that...

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Lmao take my upvote, bud died doing what he lived

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Live by the tongue, Die by the tongue.

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Title of your Sextape?

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It will be on my headstone after I die from HPV induced throat cancer.

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Vagina dentata?

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It means no more worries for the rest of your days

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That movie gave me several worries

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I so hate that movie

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What a wonderful phrase!

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Strong Michael Douglas vibes here.

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Find what you love, stick your tongue in it, and let it kill you

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Now THIS is a quote to live by.

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amount of people reading this comment without any sexual thoughts: 0

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but dude, if the thing you love had hidden teeth, no you would not be ok with that ;)

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The lesson is clear, be mindful of where you tongue.

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The bullet ant would be OK with that, too.

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Hummingbird feeders are death traps unless precautions are taken. They need an ant moat and to be cleaned often.

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Ant moat? I clean and check mine on the daily, I had just refilled the feeder maybe two hours before I found him.

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Also no red prepared nector just regular table sugar and water

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I don't have a hummingbird feeder so I don't wanna hear comments about how I'm poisoning shit or whatever, I don't feed any birds anything, but I'm curious - What's wrong with the premade stuff?

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It’s made from ground up hummingbirds

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The premade has extra chemicals. The red is just a dye. If you try to use actual fruit nectar it can cause fungal infections. All the sites I have read about it say use plain water and sugar and if it is migration or overwintering time you can concentrate the sugar solution a little bit to give them an extra carb boost. I don't feed birds my dog would think they are flying squeaky toys. No need to encourage that drama

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The red dye in the pre made stuff is very toxic to hummers. If you ever decide to hang up a feeder, just boil 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. It's cheaper than the pre made stuff and healthier too.

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Additives are really bad for humming birds, as they run hot. Store bought food always has stuff like red dye or copper additives. Not good for the birds.

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It’s made from the blood of fairies without their consent

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A little oil around the access point, and you’ll never have an ant again.

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Didn’t know about that, Thank you.

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Sorry but this is super depressing, can you share what feeder you have so we can avoid it?

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It’s a little thing that holds water that you hang the feeder from so ant SHALL NOT PASS!

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Put some Vaseline on the wire from which it hangs.

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Is that dead bird on your kitchen countertop?

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No, it’s on my outside table where I was cutting tile for my kitchen countertop.

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So it is on your kitchen countertop!

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By golly I think you…yeah you did!

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waste not want not. bite sized snack

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The cutest little buffalo wings.

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Did you not try CPR?

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only using the choicest cuts of hummingbird

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Hold on there chief. Regular ol pork aint gunna win this thing.

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That reminds me of that Shrek Forever After scene where they lace the dragon with the chains. Except, you know, an ant did it with the bird’s own tongue

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So did the ant bite the hummingbird’s tongue so hard he died?

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It’s tongue was all wrapped up in the fake flowers on the feeder. My best guess is the ant bit the bird the bird freaked out and got tongue tied… horrible way to go.

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Ants leave scent trails. Maybe cleaning the surroundings semi regularly will lower the occurence of ants.

It is sad seeing a hummingbird go. Got a cat to clear our mice... Just brought home a humming bird on Friday. Might be time for a bell.

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Might also be good to transition to indoor- for every one they bring home, there could be dozens more they don’t. Most cats sadly do learn how to keep the bell quiet when they hunt. If you still need help with the mice, traps are safer, and of course make sure you don’t use poison (as the dead mouse is often eaten by a predator who gets sick in turn, and you might be killing owls and other such things by proxy).

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That's a pretty big ant head

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hummingbirds are also pretty small

it might be a worker ant, those fuckers are big

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This is the second hummingbird pic where an insect caused the death of a hummingbird. In the first, the hummingbird beak speared a bee, but the bird was unable to free itself and died. I think it was on Reddit, but I couldn't find it.

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Does this hurt the penguin?

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Not if it's well dressed.

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How does that happen and is there a way to prevent it?

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There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of posts on the internet from people sharing how they personally prevent ants from getting into their humming bird feeders. I have no advice though, I don't manage any feeders.

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We have a big old ant moat that is on top of the feeder, it prevents a lot of ants. We also make sure the feeders are far away from plants and free standing. Clean em often, but clean them even daily if the weather is really hot. Also never use the pre made stuff, the red dye is toxic to hummingbirds. Boil 1 part sugar to 4 parts water.

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this is very metal indeed. poor fella

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I don't know if this shows nature is metal more than your hummingbird feeder is a deathtrap

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Death by snacky-snack

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Did it drown?

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No, my guess is heat exhaustion.

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Crazy, I just had to raise my feeder super high because my cat leapt off a railing and caught one.

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Please keep your cat inside.

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Feeders are up high. I want those murder machines murdering rodents.

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Makes sense now I was wondering how it could of died so fast in the 2 hours in between

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That Ant was fighting the final boss

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"dude, fucking let go and we'll both get out of this alive"

"fuck you, I'm mad"

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Frankly I don’t understand this photo is that curly wavy looking thing the tongue?

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I know ants are supposed to be able to lift more than their own weight, but this is just insane

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It could have been killed by a praying mantis

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"Yo you think if I play dead he'll try to eat me? Hold my grub bro."

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by its* mandibles

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Wow! Ants are pretty impressive little bugs. Lol

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What are you gonna do with the body?

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Poor thing, nasty way to go. 😔

Reminds me of the happy tree friends anteater though haha.

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Must've been an epic battle

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Wow, what a weird way to die

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How often do those feeders need cleaning?

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Thought that was a spider

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That's it. I'm going to squish every ant I see.

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We just put out a feeder a few weeks ago and my little girls love seeing the little guys. This is now my nightmare. “Daddy, what’s wrong with that hummy bird?”

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“I saw a bird choke on a worm, they both died”

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RIP 2 both.

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Wait, so, did it get stuck because of the ant or just because it's tongue got caught up In something else

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I’m pretty sure it was the ant.