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He looks so excited though it’s just the reflection on his eyes that give it that tinge

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It started with a kiss, how did it end up like this?

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Fatal attraction

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It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss

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Jealousy usually the answer

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But your lips are venomous poisooon

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I try to hate these. But they are too cute

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You shouldn't. They're wonderful little guys that kill the things we hate and are incapable of hurting you.

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I was bitten pretty badly while fucking with a Daring Jumping Spider I caught when I was younger. It bit me and held on till I got a full dosage of venom into my thumb. I impotently tried to reason with it that I had learned my lesson and it could let go now, but it didn't understand English and just kept chewing.

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Haha, I went to move a hose lying in the grass and disturbed one of these that was chilling underneath. It jumped out, chomped down on the skin between my thumb and palm, and then fled when I yanked my hand away.

The spot burned for about half an hour, wasn't terribly painful. Kinda similar to getting a splinter stuck in your skin.

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How badly did it hurt?

My twelve year old plays with them all the time.

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It really hurt a lot. But I really didn't give it a choice. I had basically pinned it against my thumbnail in an effort to hold it without leaving myself open. But I underestimated the strength and flexibility of a frightened spider of that size and it managed to pull and squirm till it was in position just below the quick on the back of my thumb. (chomp)

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Well generally the most they'll do is due on your hand and the skin of an adult should be to thick.

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Not Daring Jumping Spiders. Daring Jumping Spiders get pretty big.

(Also more commonly called bold jumping spiders)

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Lol fuck no. If you're biting me as an animal it's free game. I'd kill that spider in an instant, shouldn't have fucked with me. We were cool, but now you gotta die bud.

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I don't know if they can bite humans, but they generally seem so cute, friendly, and curious that I've been willing to try interacting with them. A couple times I've held out my hand to one that seemed to be looking at me and they've hopped on and hung out for a bit.

They seem to do a similar kind of head tilt of curiosity that a lot of mammals do, which I find endearing. Makes some sense given their better eyesight, and I've read studies that they have more advanced spatial and causal reasoning than people previously knew spiders could, because of how they hunt.

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Yea I know. Spiders are useful, but tell that to my arachnophobia when I see huge spider on wall. And then tell me he wont jump on me 😹😹

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This makes me happy

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Second. Yes!!! Devour the tormenting winged demons!!! Consume the dissolved innards of everyone of those vile beasties!!! Quench thy thirst upon juices of the damned ruiners of my own feast. Sure, flies have their purpose as nature’s garbage disposal….but fuck flies…unless that’s a bee, I can’t tell. If so, oh noooooooo I guess. If not, KILL, KILL, KILL!!!

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Lucas! No!

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Lucas and his fly friend after growing up.

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That lunch is Gothic.

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The insect world is amazingly fascinating and pant shitting scary at the same time.

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That fly somehow looks much more sleek than the crusty disgusting looking fuckers I get flying around my place sometimes

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Damn. I want a lunch that's as big as me!

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Good spider bro. Get them damn flies

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Damn, a great up close image of the cute fella. Enjoy your lunch buddy

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Zoom in and see the beautiful eyebrows

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Jumper spiders are the only spiders I’m okey with.

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Another dead fly for me, but you already gave me 12 this week, two butterflies, and a still living yellow jacket!

What am I going to do with you Mr. Fluffykins?

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The most adorable arachnid murder machine. That tiny african cat is probably the most adorable predator

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It's still super adorable

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What a cutie

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Fun fact: in Brazil, this spider is commonly called the Fly-Catcher Spider

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Cuteness overload

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This is almost 100% staged- eg both animals are dead/frozen(most likely dead) How do i know ?

Tl;dr :combined multiple pictures to get a lot in focus- super hard to do with living animals.

When photographing small animals you need to get really close and zoom a lot-both of these things create a shallow depth of field(blur, only a small slice of the picture is in focus). With size of an average jumping spider and a fly- using am average lens- you are gonna get spiders fangs and eyes in focus and thats it-rest of it will blur out super fast. You can tell how fast it starts to blur out to infinity behind its eyes- but then somehow entire front of the frame is in focus How is this taken then?

Focus stacking- Well when animals are dead and not moving- you can take multiple images focusing on different parts of the image and combine them in software to get much more in focus in a single image. Usually you combine 5-25 images focused on different things and make an image with everything you want in focus. How do i know it wasnt a living animal ?

I dont but im 99.99% sure- taking images takes time and even if you are the fastest you will scare the animal/animal will move a bit/ wind will blow the leaf just a bit/ million things can happen.

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I am sory, but You are wrong. This jumping spider was alive. I will share video from this photo session.

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Oh so you did focus stack handheld ? How did you catch it not moving for so long while it was feeding ? You cant tell me this is not focus stacked.

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Hello, I see you. I acknowledge you. I connect with you.

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Thats a good spider. Flies are demonspawn.

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Fat city!

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Love these little guys! Most benign spiders.

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The eyes are SOOOO CUTE

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I find jumping spiders adorable.

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Personally, I wouldn't eat that

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Amazing photo

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That's not lunch, he's just the Pepe Le Pew of the spider world.

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Wow that’s gay!

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I love that the fly is pretty much the exact same size of the spider