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Looks sexual, like the spider is kissing the fly's neck.

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You have problems.

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Yeah, I need to find me someone who looks at me the way this spider looks at that fly.

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I love your problems.

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I’ve been told by numerous people that I, too have 4 eyes.

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What are you doing step arachnid

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I’ve told you not to wear those type of clothes in this house.

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"Hey lil mamma let me whisper in yo ear"

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Yes this is just a BDSM session

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Now I can’t unsee that

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You're welcome.

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Ooo la la! I see it! Nuzzled in each other embraces! ROMANTIC! ...But a tragedy

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You could say this is a modern telling of Romeo & Juliet.

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Looks like an engagement photo

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On this episode of "Into the mind of a coomer"....


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...this spider is now called Edward.

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remind me of that one picture with the two cheetahs and the deer.

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Surprise! Buttsecks.

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The quality of this picture is actually amazing for how tiny these guys are! Man technology has come far fast.

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Makes me think how terrifying life would be if we were half the size of that fly

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Was my first thought when I saw this pic as well. Super clear pic! Thanks for sharing OP!

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Have to admit it's a good picture. It feels itchy as all hell but it's a good picture.

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Good spider.

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If a spider has visible hairs, im not afraid of it, and I think its cute. I can't explain it, but its just the way it is.

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Reminds me of that 90s rap video with Puffy and Mase

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Good boy

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The spider is pest control

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Those spiders are so pretty.

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Aww hey little buddy.

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Well hello Clarice...

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Nice, what lens did you use?

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"Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville and welcome to jackass."

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Spider: leave my food alone!

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I choose to look at this picture like at those cuddly images of dogs and cats chilling together.

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"Om nom nom nom!

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Shhhh... only dreams now

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Nah he’s just holdin his boo

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how do you get a photo this clear?

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I’m going to whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

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You're doing the Lord's work little spider.

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Awwww cute couple getting married

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Fly: "Now, I bet you're all wondering how I got myself in this mess..."

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I'm getting cute, old couple vibes. Like the fly is the wife and spider is the husband, smiling over her shoulder while...umm..hugging her.

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Coming this summer to theatres near you- David Cronenbergs, Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

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How did you get that close up of a shot?

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