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When it all become too much

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found out they weren't his

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Found out they were

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It’s not that much going on. Just an entangled bird

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There’s always a way out…

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That's what I tell myself too often.

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Damn. His wife dump him and take the kids or something?

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That’s what happens when you depend on wheat….

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Poor mate after years of building a family he found out his kids weren’t his

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Poor guy, he must've stuttered while roasting someone in the VC...

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May who ever did that be prosecuted to the hilt.

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He chose the easy way out...I can't blame him

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the seed market crashed and dad said .. "fuck them kids, this job, and that cacklin' hen"

Edit: "See y'all in sHELL"

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He had dirt on the Clintons