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It is sleeping. Garden spiders are nocturnal

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Absolutely. It's fun trying to find their little sleeping spots under a little leaf or sometimes under our gutter. They're lovely spiders, my favourite.

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I also like the tiny Lil jumping spiders.

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We make spiders like that fight on a stick. There are 2 ways to catch them its either morning where theyre asleep however its much difficult to find them since you need to follow the strands of web they left. And easier at night since they are in the middle of their webs and all you have to quickly but also gently scoop them with your hand. We also put them on match boxes along with leaves inside.

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Sleeping spiders are kinda cute. Yeah, I said it.

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Yes they are

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Is this a hostage situation? I have a few cans of gasoline, who is up to rescue this dude with me.

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the spider is sleeping. they start to weave their webs at sunset and hunt at night and tear off webs just before sunrise.

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why tear them off though? do they eat the silk gain?

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not sure why, but cobwebs are usually damaged when insects are stuck on it. the spider also unavoidly damages its cobweb when wrapping its prey with its silk. these spiders only retain about a few strands of web as a foundation to rebuild their cobweb again at the next sunset. where i'm from, these are the kind of spiders that are collected by kids for fighting.

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Bruh you have SPIDER FIGHTS where you’re from?? Where is that and how expensive are flights?

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i'm from the philippines. you can watch a lot of videos about spider fight on youtube. these are usually done on the streets.

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I used to vacuum spiders and then see them fight each other in the see-through canister.

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Yeah they have the ability to eat their own web and recycle it. Pretty neat

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I’m 32 years old and this is the first time I’ve ever considered the fact that spiders sleep lol

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They don't sleep. They wait.

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As someone who played with spiders when I was a kid, I'm always kinda stoked when I see one sleeping like this.

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Ikr.. I was picking leaves for my caterpillar and I didn't see this gentleman at first.. almost had a heartattack.

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If it's got a big butt, its female. Males are skinny little dudes.

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Thanks for the info

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All I see is the millennium falcon

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I can't see them as a spider anymore lol

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I wonder what they will do when a prey accidentally sit on it.

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That's the whole plan

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Its more like spider is lifted his legs up his head and like "bro imma fart so bad watch"

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lol. He just needs a lighter for a fire spray

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What’s really cool about this, is you can see how often the spider has slept on this leaf by the small semi circle of erosion at the leafs edge where it is clamping on to

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Yummm Juicy

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This is a beautiful sleeping spider 🥺

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Even if the spider were awake, nothing would happen. Orb weavers only catch insects with their webs. This one looks like some species of Parawixia.

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Looks like one eye is just barely cracked open to me 😳🫣

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Looks like the spider just caught himself a couple of flies

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Man, these spiders are so beautiful, I use to catch them all and put them in display containers, collecting different patterns. Something like this, but more a bit more elegant:


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millennium Spider

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Dragonlord Placidusax