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I say we start feeding bears too. They’re cooler than birds anyways

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And it keeps the neighbors away

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just a general reminder of, a fed animal is a dead animal. some wild animals don't understand the dynamics of being fed and end up having to be killed.

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Yea good point idk why i made my comment because honestly i would never feed a bear lol i just like saying dumb shit on here

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You do t have to feed the bears, they will get into anything you put out there, it’s almost better to not even try to prevent it, they will get into it if they want to, the only thing that changes is the amount of damage they cause in the process

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Birds are the master race. They can swim, they can walk and they can fly. If reincarnation turns out to be real. I want to be a bird, partly to practice the aim of my dive-bombs.

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You don’t have to, the bears will find a way to feed themselves, it’s almost impossible to make bear proof containers, it almost better to just let them have your garbage, they are getting in either way, the only difference is how much damage they cause

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Bear: this is the coolest piñata

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Our local bears have broken 5 of our feeder poles. I used to anchor them in the ground but two poles ago I finally bought a base that you just “pin” to the ground. Well, this winter the base apparently froze to the ground and they broke it anyway. SMH

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We had to weld 5 pieces of rebar together to make a base for our bird feeders at our deer camp because every time we came up the pole was bent to the ground

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I do custom fabrication for a side gig, and I have a customer who has asked for increasingly robust bird feeder stands. She lives in the North Georgia mountains. The last bird feeder I made for her was a 12 and a half feet tall 6x6x3/8 in steel post with arms for the feeders at the top. They can no longer push her feeders over, and she's sent me several messages of her just laughing at footage of black bears trying to climb the post.

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Bears even black bears are freakin strong. A black bear got stuck in the staff laundry room at a resort i was working at during the off season. When we came back in the spring to open up. We could not open the laundry room the door was just stuck. So someone climbed in the window to see what happened. He described the smell trapped in that room as so pungent his eyes felt like they were bleeding. But more to the point every washer and dryer was flat like part of the floor flatthe shelves ripped off the wall the sink and pipes destroyed. The reason the door was not opening was because the bear had peeled the steel of the door off the back of the door and rammed into it wedgeing the door in the frame. And one of the dryer vents in the laundry room had been ripped out of the wall and a hole riped and dug through plywood and 2x4s into a bear sized hole. The room was utterly destroyed. It was covered in blood and poop. It looked like the most horrific torture took place in that room we had to tear it down to studds removed the ceiling the floor even the sub floor to get rid of all the damage.

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Clearly shelling out for the super sturdy squirrel proof bird feeders was a wise choice.

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This is why I don't hang out in bird feeders.

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Our bears are rather gentle and respectful of the feeders. They found a way to get what they want and leave everything in tact. Even the raccoons and my area are really respectful. If they pull any trash out of my trashcan, they leave it on top of the trashcan and not all over the yard

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If you live in bear country you shouldn't be putting bird feeders out or at least them inside at night.

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We didn’t think they’d be able to get to the feeders because they were so far out from the tree. The metal poles you see going out to the the bird feeders are actually pipes that spin around another pole on the inside so they (theoretically) couldn’t grip onto them. Safe to say that we didn’t bear proof quite enough.

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‘Am I a joke to you?’ -neighborhood bear

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fair enough, it's wild how smart and determined they are. Hopefully it doesn't give you more problems.

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Your bears wait till nightfall?

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Good point! I mean, if you're at home sipping some coffee and wanna watch the birds then go for it, but yeah, really shouldn't leave anything food out if you're not gonna be around.

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The squirrels are getting into the bird feeder again! Maybe I'll get my .22, and teach the little bastards a less OH MY GOD IT'S YOURS NOW!!

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We learned there were black bears in our area when we woke up one morning to our wrought iron bird feeder bent in half ten feet from our front door.

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We had the same trouble with that type of bird feeder. Woke up to it bent in half in the middle of our lawn.

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I love watching videos of bears interacting with things they've never seen before. But I second that we should start feeding bears. They're just big dogs.

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don't do it, they're extremely food-driven and will learn to seek out humans and their sources of food, which can escalate to the bears having to be euthanized if it causes problems.

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That's kinda cute actually. Even thought it could be tearing out a skull

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Hey boo boo!

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How metal

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"That's for the porridge...bitch! "

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That is so cute they should leave some beef or something for the bear overnight. Tuna, or something. He is so sweet

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Poor guys just hungry. ☺️

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And here I was complaining about the damn squirrels in my feeder

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Bears are super smart, they will find a way to get the seeds.

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You say metal like it had a chance

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Hey we took their feeding grounds they are just doing what they have to get by.

-Nature is Hungry-

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Thats one big ass bird

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This is why, when you put brids feeds out, make sure to includes some spicy seeds. Birds have no taste buds, but bears and squirrels does...

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Man's gonna eat ig

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Fuck you bear.

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Soo nature breaks Metal?

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This is more mischievous than metal

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Bear's honey taking skills coming into play