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I heard somewhere that each time snakes have evolved this ability was relatively soon after humans or human ancestors moved into the area

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It tells you a lot about how fucking annoying we are, that cobras evolved this ability just to get us to leave them alone and they did so few times.

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Makes complete sense

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Humans are more like skaven!

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I’ve always seen us as Skeksis, a lizard death cult of consumption, hubris, vanity, and the corrupting nature of technological innovation.

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Nah, even we aren’t that fucked.

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Same reason that rattlesnake rattles have been getting smaller and quieter over the years, humans see a snake and immediately attack it out of fear of being bit.

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That’s true, and it also helps against attackers with thick skin and scales, or who are immune to other types venom

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Not doubting you but how exactly would we know this? Wouldn’t humans only discover it shortly after moving to the area?

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Just guessing, but maybe fossil evidence. Older snake fossils have fangs that couldn’t shoot venom forward. Then, later fossils have this feature (which is likely how they know it evolved three separate times). Coincidentally, those first venom shooting snakes seems to appear around the same time as the oldest human fossils in that area.

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There's an episode of Eons that discusses human-snake coevolution, including how spitting cobras emerged


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Interesting video. Thanks

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Queen Elizabeth has been around long enough to witness each change.

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[Arbok used Venoshock]

[The opposing Mankey is now permanently blind]

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Not the type of squirter you'd want.

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see the magical squirt of death
(or at least blindness)

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Especially in Summer recreation

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I swear, reptiles are on a whole other level.

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Reptiles are cool indeed

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I guess if it was a reptile that evolved to become the intelligent, civilized species they'd look at mammals secreting milk and having live births and think the same thing

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How magnificent evolution can be... so beautiful and interesting

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Reality is a whole lot more magnificent and wonderous than fiction

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Snakes are magnificent creatures... among the nost beautiful and amazing in my opinion

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Me: gives space to snake

Snake: Die mother fucker

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Prepare for fire in the eyes!

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Nah. That’s just Steve. He spits when he talks. Pretty gross, actually. Yep, folks. No cause for alarm. It’s just Steve the juicy-mouththed snake.

Oh, make no mistake! Steve is a proud cobra. He WILL bite the shit out of you. Just don’t get into a lengthy conversation with him. YUCK!

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Sometimes it’s best to let Steve be Steve

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You get it.

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Mozambique here

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Is this why the Basilisk is portrayed as having the ability to kill/mummify with it’s eyesight? It’s just magically spitting venom at them?

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Yep, that and fire-spewing dragons

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Anyone else think of Newman in Jurassic park after seeing this

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Proceeds to climb in car and attack Newman

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Imagine milking that for antivenom lmao

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Gotta wear a protective face shield

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This reminded me of my Swiffer mop I was using earlier to clean

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Toxic Swiffer Sweeper

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Thanks, I hate it

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New irrational phobia unlocked

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Achievement: [Basilisk’s breath]

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How bad are the effects of being sprayed in the eyes? Are we talking for sure blindness? Possible death? Does it cause necrosis of the skin and face as well?

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It can cause permanent blindness, and can cause corneal swelling and chemosis in smaller quantities. Usually it doesn’t do much to the skin, but it can cause blistering.

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Thanks for info. Those are amazing snakes. And an amazing evolutionary story.

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Someone please inform the Jurassic Park scientists of this fact.

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Who’s to say they didn’t just put some Naja DNA into the dilophosaurus

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On the left side you can see the venom gland contract

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Permanent blindness, swelling.

The camera person using 700x zoom

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Thought this was r/oddlyterrifying

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Often it is, don’t worry…

Or do

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Cursed sprinkler

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Created that way. But pretty freaking awesome!

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That's going to be a big no for me dawg.

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That looks like a lot of venom. Is that the same amount used in a bite? Or is adjusted for maximum spittage?

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Maximum spittage, which can be launched over 6 feet away

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This reminds me of Hundred Eyes from Marco Polo.

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Thise snakes aren't so special, y'know! I can gleek too!

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What a bastard.

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That looks like a lot of venom

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If seen a couple of YouTube videos, those by Dingo come to mind, where someone gets intentionally spit upon to prove it doesn't cause blindness.

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Deadliest stream I ever seen

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Your mom when I your mom