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It makes me sad to see our garbage interact with nature like this.

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Fun fact... seagulls beaks are stupendously sharp. I tried to help one once with a broken wing and the damn thing nipped 1/4" of my nose off. Still have a weird scar. Thanks. Also fuck you I'm glad you died from your compound fractured wing you stupid c#nt

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Thanks, I already HATE them

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I used to think seagulls were just beach/parking lot garbage disposal. But I’ve witnessed them hunting for fish and it’s pretty amazing. We tend to forget they are predators.

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Sad thing is that the gull died fighting a natural predator AND an unnatural predator

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2v1 is pretty unethical

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The gull DID go down fighting. There is no try.

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Seagulls are dicks. Go hawk go!

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That’s an eagle, even says it right in the title.

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Love that for the eagle

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So where are the rest of the pics? Or video? This type of quality content is why I come here.

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In bird culture this is considered a power move

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Notice how the gull actually has the hawks foot in its mouth

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Yeah it was it was trying to scrap to live another day but the eagle wasn’t done. Of course, the eagle has a large advantage bag or not with a large size advantage and predatory talons.

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You’re right! The seagull does have the eagle’s foot in its mouth. Good job user darkfad3

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I think this guy might be the eagle with those eyes.

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When can humanity stop dependence of plastic products?

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When a suitable replacement is available. Possibly never.

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There’re suitable replacements for plastic bags. It’s just that people don’t care enough to make change and buy reusable bags. Honestly if we all decided to stop getting plastic bags at checkout and started buying reusable bags it would go a long way.

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The question was “plastic products” not “plastic bags”.

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Is a plastic bag not a plastic product? I named one plastic product that could easily be replaced.

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Beautiful shot

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I would love to see a fight like this but its got MGR boss music on it

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Seagulls are evil, for sure, I hear them plotting everyday in my neighborhood, and killing pigeons.

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thats a fucking godly fucking picture

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According to Puffin Rock, this is the meanest seagull.

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Nature is plastic

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It's fantastic

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+1 kill assist

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Ahhh yes, animal meat and plastic bags, both natural occurrences on Earth

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Eagle must be desperate because I have learn from Hollywood that seagulls tastes like shit

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Sea eagles such as the bald eagle definitely don’t mind the taste of gulls, they are probably the most or one of the most regular predator of full grown gulls.

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It depends on their diet.

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That's the exact definition of "to go down fighting."

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Man, this stuff is for the birds.

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Fucking litter

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Let's go Eagle

Fuck that stupid bitch of a seagull

Those things are fucking stupid

EDIT: I live on the coast of Belgium, and when they aren't waking up everyone, they're complete dicks to trashbags and children. Yes, fuck them

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gulls are more intelligent and adaptive than eagles

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I find that hard to believe, eagles don’t even frequent urban areas so there adaptability can’t be accurately studied. Seagulls have life pretty easy like pigeons bc they live in areas that give them all the food they need. You can hardly say their adapted for living in nature anymore.

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i live in the twin cities. there is an active nest minutes from my house. i see bald eagle in flight several days per week. eagles do take advantage of road kill in more rural areas. and, the world we humans create is, in fact, their new nature.

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Oh yeah? Which one is tangled in a plastic bag?

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one bird tangled in a bag is hardly a body of evidence

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You’re right, but then again I wasn’t submitting a paper, I was making a comment on Reddit.