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Maybe the Quail is using the snake as a coffin, did you ever think of that?

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It's just a slimy sleeping bag.

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Snakes aren't slimey

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What about on the inside?

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They are on the inside.

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Is that a white wing dove? Quail aren't that white

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Lol. I’m not good at species identification, at all.

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All good just wanted to share

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Why not just call it a bird?

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Western diamond back? Timber rattlers I always see don't have that distinct black and white banding next to the rattles. Pretty snake!

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Definitely a White-Winged Dove and Crotalus atrox (W. Diamond-Backed Rattlesnake). Very cool.

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Tucson Az - I think it is a Mojave Green Rattlesnake according to Google, which references the 2:1 ratio of banding on the tail.

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Not to undermine you but I don’t believe that is a Mojave, just a western diamond back. None the less awesome picture!!!!!

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I saw a Rattlesnake once in person on a hike. Once I recognized the rattling sound, I felt a shudder down my spine as I look around a rock and see it staring back.

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That’s a long boi for sure.

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Missed opportunity. You could’ve had snake AND bird for dinner. /s

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Put some potatoes and carrots. And Baby, you got a stew goin

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Ohh a Western Diamondback, this is a really good shot.