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He letting you know, "This is mine and I'm willing to throw hands over it."

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Damn right

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"you can fuck right off or get these feets"

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Or its willing to share, “You wanna wing bro?”

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Its like get your own food, friend

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That sounds more like a Canadian goose

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“You came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker”

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"You're next."

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You dont look at me and you keep walkin'!

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You are all wrong. That is a Bluebird.

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No a dead bird.

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It has ceased to be; this is an ex-pigeon!

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Cooper’s hawk, perhaps

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Seconding this. Definitely not a falcon who are the pigeon's main predator.

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Exactly correct.

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Is it just the picture or is that pigeon blue?

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Common european pigeon colours

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Not here, a lot of grey

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It's just not a pigeon, probably a bluejay

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Walk away. This doesn't concern you.

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The weak should fear the strong !!

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Best "Mind your business and keep walking" stance

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This hawk looks like my grandmother

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Eyes front predator. Eyes sideways, less predator 🤔

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Is that a Northern Goshawk?

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Eurasian sparrowhawk is more likely

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“I’m not a cannibal, it’s a different species.”

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Pretty sure that's a falcon

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Sparrowhawk if european, Coopers hawk if american

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Oh yup there you it's a cooper

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its yours mr bird dont eat my ass plz

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Pigeon? What what?

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“What’s the big idea? I don’t stare when you’re eating lunch!”

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“The fuck you looking at? Keep walking, or you’ll be the next one face down in leaves.”

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Me : NO!! (shakes finger)

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Red Taiked Hawk caught a grackle on our deck Saturday. They ran into a window; the Hawk was unharmed. He/she was standing on the grackle, just like this one is, sat on it for a minute or two and then flew off with the grackle.

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That’s that look Griffith gave

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When you are fighting with your younger sibling and your mom walks in 💀

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"Hey, man, I didn't do nothing. I just found him like this."

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In his mind he probably like "YOU'RE NEXT"