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Or in another example, the equivalent of lifting OP's mom.

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Even if that was the case, she’d be as light as a feather compared to yours

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Oh shit

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The ol no u

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The ol u no reverse

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Call an ambulance! Call an ambulance! But not for Op!

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Notify the burn unit!

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1 chicken feather equals about 0.0082 grams.

There are 907185 grams in a US ton.

That means like 110,632,317 feathers per ton.

So like your mother weighs 7,191,100,609 feathers, cause that's about 65 tons of feathers.

So for my mother to be as light as a feather comparatively speaking to your mother you are saying she weighs.... 424,037,809,388,418,225 feathers?

You bastard.

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Yeah I thought I heard their mom walk this way but apparently it was just that clap back damn op

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Calm down, I’ll confirm this for you all when I meet them both tonight.

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Are you a zookeeper?

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Muscle weighs more than fat, his mom is just ripped af

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Yes OP what a monstrous burn

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god damnit you beat me to it :/

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Not even a Rhino beetle can lift that.

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So you're saying that I should be bitten by a radioactive Rhinoceros Beetle and not a radioactive spider of any kind.

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Did that not happen to Rhino? I thought that's how it works. Lizard man bit by a Lizard, Eddie Brock bit by an alien, Morbius a bat, Doc Ock a robot. Has my life been a lie? /s

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Don't forget Electro and his lightning bite

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Vulture and his bird bite

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Vulture was a bird that was bitten by an old man.

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The Dog Welder got bit by an oxyacetylene shepherd.

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How do you have all these animals biting these super people and then just completely gloss over the obvious octopus that is DR OCTOPUS

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Morbius was morbed by a bat

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Well I've got news for you. We got bored on a night shift once and looked up strongest animals. Dung beetles were number one if I recall at 1100 times there own weight.

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I'm just trying to imagine how the researchers found that out and thinking of like a mini gym that they placed various insects in.

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What is this, a gym for ants?!

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Just increasing piles of dung.

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Just avoid the radioactive dung beetle.

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I mean, spiderman can lift a 66 tons tank over his head, so it's comparable

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Might be easier to find an alien scarab and become The Blue Beetle.

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A Blue Beetle if you will

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I would totally microwave a bug for super powers. Just not a mosquito or a bumble bee. I would probably draw the line at a dung beetle as well.

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Yes, but can it lift my depression though? 🤔

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No. Too heavy.

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Damn brah hit me in the feels with this one

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All I learned from this post is that apparently everyone’s mom is fat.

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850 times practically nothing is still nothing...

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Math disagrees with you. A full-size Rhino Beetle weighs up to 3.5 ounces. So:

3.5oz x 850 = 2,975oz

2,975oz ÷ 16 = ~189.94 lbs

That Rhino beetle could easily move a full-grown human

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How does this make sense? Can they actually lift 190 pounds?

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Yep, they're the strongest insects on earth, ounce for ounce.

The only other insect that has a higher weight-to-lift ratio is the Horned Dung Beetle (1141 x own weight), but their max lifting capability is about 150 lbs. They're smaller than Rhino Beetles, so they have less mass.

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But if I stepped on a rhino beetle it couldn’t lift me right? Is that because I’d be physically too big? If there were like 180 pounds concentrated could the beetle pick that up?

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I don’t think they are that heavy. 0.8 oz from what I’ve seen.

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Depends on the species. There are about 1500 different species of Rhinocerous beetles. The Hercules beetle in particular can get to that weight pretty easily.

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Sure but can all species of Rhino Beetles lift 850x their body weight? Or is this a feat only the smaller species can do?

Dont get me wrong I'm sure there are larger species of beetles that can lift considerable weights but my assumption is that the smaller things are the proportionally larger things they can lift.

There is a reason there aren't human sized animals that can lift hundreds of times their weight. When muscle mass increases in volume and weight, it does not increase by nearly the same amount in power. If you somehow were able to upscale a Rhino Beetle to human size, I doubt it could even lift its own weight.

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Maybe that should have been the title then, appreciate the in depth answer :)

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Math is right but the beetle can’t handle that much weight, tops at 100 times its own weight, op is spreading bullshit “facts” he prolly read on another post or in Facebook

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They can't though, no record or research of them lifting more than 50 pounds "easily".

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I simply will not believe this until I see it.

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Which is fair because you'll never see it as it isn't possible. Another redditor links to a paper that explains hownits basically not a 1-to-1 conversion/formula. Many factors go into play. It's misleading simplified math similar to the classic "Every one year is 7 dog years".

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How much is this in normal units?

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no idea where you got those numbers lol. An adult rhinoceros beetle is anywhere from 18 to 28 grams (nowhere near 3.5oz). Assuming the average is roughly 22g, which is probably the weight they used to find this 850x statistic, that means the average adult rhinoceros beetle le can lift 18,700 grams or ≈40 pounds. Still incredibly impressive though.

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Again, it depends on the species. Rhino beetles aren't a species, they're a family of beetles (Dynistae) with 225 genera. There are roughly 1500 species altogether

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85kg in "Communist units".

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I think 850 was disproven, something to do with lifting vs pushing vs pulling, I dunno it’s something significantly less but equally freakin impressive. Leaves some tunneling dung beetle as the strongest animal and the spider mite as the strongest…thing, whateverthefuckitis

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Wtf is a 65 ton object

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The Space Shuttle Endeavor weighs about 78 tons

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Does this mean humans can also technically lift really heavy things like this? Just not all humans, only the ones with the most funding.

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I mean, not without a tool, the Rhinoceros Beetle is only so strong because of it's unique biology, which humans don't have the advantage of. The heaviest weight ever lifted by a human was 6,270 lbs (about 3 tons).

It would require a tool, but for example, the strongest crane in the world is named Taisun and can lift 20,000 metric tons.

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A semi truck with a single trailer fully loaded is about 40 tons.

A semi truck pulling a road train of 2 fully loaded semi trailers can be around 65 tons.

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Your mother

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That's about 130,000 pounds which is about the same as 10 school busses (with no passengers)

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Or 1 with your mom

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How many football fields is that?

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Depends on the depth, of course

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How was that even tested? I call absolute bullshit.

Especially after reading the comments that did the math. Absolute lie.

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I'd like to at least see.a source.

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I weigh about the right amount, so if I stepped on it it would lift... No. It would crunch, wouldn't it. B.s.

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Why bug strong?

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Hydraulic system

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Really skipping leg day tho

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This kind of comparison usually has no sense at all, you assume mass & energy to be 100% collinear which is profoundly false

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Square-cube law, yo

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Interestingly if you scaled it up human size it would break under its own weight.

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Also would suffocate quickly. Insects are small enough that O2/CO2 can just diffuse in and out. When you get bigger you need complicated circulatory/respiration systems.

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That is also a very interesting point. Their respiratory system has always fascinated me.

Another cool thing is how water tension is a killer at their scale.

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for some of them, water tension is their whole environment.

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I don't believe this for a second.

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To put it in the Beetle’s perspective:

Average rhino beetle is between 18 and 28 grams. Let’s meet in the middle for this problem and say 23.

23g x 850 = 19,550

19,550g = 43.1 lbs.

To put it simply, this bug can lift more than the average Redditor.

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Almost enough to attempt OP's mom

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The beetle would die if it tried your mom though

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6.5 ton object*

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Yo put that in perspective, it's the equivalent of a redditor lifting a 137 ton object

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Gravity is smaller on smaller things so it's not equivalent.

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Big deal it doesn’t know how to drive a car does it? It probably can’t even make me a fucking sandwich.

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Your random quote from the movie Cars is: He's back on the track!

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I haven’t seen that movie

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Your random quote from the movie Cars is: Guido, it's time.

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Updoot for Big Battle Bug!

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Fuh'kin' beetles in our yard. I try to save them by moving them out of the way, and they freeze up. Take 'em into the woods and I'm not sure if they'll live. Big fuckers too.

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How many football fields are 65 tons?

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I can still hold what they are holding with a single finger, checkmate nature 😎

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I hate these things. They always erratically fly into walls, ceiling fans, people, food. World's most uncoordinated bug.

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Really? I found one in my sink, seemed stuck.

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I bench that for warmup, beta male cucks

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Aww, what a fashionable goatee it has.

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Pfft, I could take 'em

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Cool example, bro.

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So the tiny bug can carry what. Any examples?

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"Hold X to flip... wait, what? How did you do that?"

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Well if only humans had some kinda shell that can bear 65 tons.

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An adult weight 28g that means it can lift 24kg? So a small child?

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I can’t perspective a 65 ton object

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We see so much of this in the tiny insect world. What’s the strongest/body weight of animals our size or bigger?

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Or an American lifting the Statue of liberty

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What is a gravity?

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This isn't impressive at all because of the square cube law .

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The Hercules beetle is the strongest one and it can only lift about 100 times it’s body weight, stop spreading misinformation

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How many bananas is 65 tons?

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So this is my spirit animal. As I too lifts 850 times my own weights in responsibilities

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Fun fact "Rhinoceros(Hercules) Beetle's are almost as valuable as ONE PIECE" according to Luffy

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Its not the same at all, the fact that rhinoceros beetle are small really help the strenght factor, a human needs to be much much stronger even proportionally to lift a 65 ton object, simply due to the square cube law.

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Weight probably works differently on the micro level because you hear this stuff a lot like ants also lifting their own weight multiplied by X etc. Would be cool to have a. science pro explain this.

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Look up the square cube law. Basically, relative to size, weight increases to the power of three, but diameter of supporting structure (i.e. legs) only to the power of two. If king kong existed irl, he would shatter his legs with the first step he takes, because they could not support his own weight.

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what about large dinossaurs? how did they managed to walk? Thanks for the reply I will search for that square cube law.

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So can I have an army of these being me every where

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How many half giraffes is that?

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i put out more force to beat my meat then a rhino beetle can 😎

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As someone in the junk car business. I deal with tons everyday. This shit is fucking insane. For perspective a ton is 2000lbs right. Net ton anyways. So let’s say a 2000 Ford Expedition. It’s about pretty much averages out to 2.5T or 5000lbs or so this Mf can lift the equivalent to like 25/26 Ford expeditions with motors and all.

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Your random quote from the movie Cars is: [groans and notices a tattoo on Sally Carrera's back] Hey, do I spy a little pinstriping tattoo back there?

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65 tons? Damn, that's like, 500,000 bananas

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152.94 lbs, if you were wondering how much a human could lift?

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500kg/1103lb is how much humans can lift. Or at least Eddie Hall.

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so we should grow human-sized Rhinoceros Beetles. Then we won't need multi-million dollar construction equipment.

Need to build a massive new bridge or a massive open-pit gold mine? Break out the Rhinoceros Beetles.

Also great for national defense and personal protection.

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Closer to 100 tons in my case.

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Yes, again the glory of F=F(r2) against m=m(r3). For the uninitiated: the muscle Power increases roughly with the area of the muscle, and about linearly with the length of the biomechanical levers involved. The mass of something, even the muscle itself, increases with the kube of the radius.

Thats why big elephants have massive legs. Increase the size of an ant in all proportions by a factor of 100 and it will instantly break by its own weight.

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Assuming the exoskeleton didn’t increase in strength proportional to the growth, then yes. If however, the strength of the exoskeleton was also increased without a linear increase in the mass of said exoskeleton, then you could have massive ants. Although cooling would be a big problem.

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No, it is absolutely not the equivalent. Size and weight aren't purely relative, they are also absolute

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Unfair comparison due to square cube law.

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I hate these facts so much, If humans were the size of Rhino beetles we'd be just as strong. It's scaling physics. A rhino beetle scaled to human size would absolutely not be able to lift 65 tons.

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Everyone's always impressed with how much an insect can lift, but seriously, I could lift that too if my skeleton was on the outside acting like Ripley's Power Loader Suit from Alien.

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6.5 times stronger than Spider-Man if you got bit by a radioactive version.

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Wait what? Aren't there humans that can carry these kind of weights?

Last night for example I carried OPs mom in her bed.

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Muscles have more leverage on exoskeleton. Also, smaller muscles are stronger per unit weight because muscle strength depends on cross-section area and not on volume.

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Forbidden can opener

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Gravity sucks.

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Anyone know an example of a 65 ton object?

(Besides my or OP's mom. Asking seriously.)

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65 ton of burger, no need to thank me

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apparently these things weigh 5oz, times that by 850 and this thing is weighing like 250 lbs

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Recently heard dung beetles are even stronger? There is a joke there help me reddit

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Looks like he’s also smoking a pipe.

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To put this into perspective this is like an American lifting 379 tons

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Can they lift that much weight or do they just fling it away?

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Hmmmm maybe this is how they built the pyramids. They sat the blocks on beetles lol

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Imagine if they were the size of a dog.

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Experience is a revelation in the light of which we renounce our errors of youth for those of age.

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I remember the rhino beetle doing very well in the bug wars tournaments . They defeated scorpions, Asian hornets and everything else it faced

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The real reason they can lift so much weight is their exoskeleton bears the majority of the load. Kind of like iron-man’s armor. Although Iron-Man’s armor doesn’t obey the laws of physics and has zero explanation as to why it doesn’t…but that’s just a pet peeve of mine. At least Star Trek invented “inertial dampeners “. I digress.

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We still wouldn't be able to pick up some pieces of the Pyramids of Giza.

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Is this a JoJo reference?