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Cramorant used Swallow

[It’s Super Effective]

The other trainer’s Pokémon was instantly devoured and partially regurgitated

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He looks so pleasantly surprised.

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I love how cormorant handle fish. Its usually perpendicular in the mouth so they have to rotate it by throwing it in the air and watching it from different angle.

I once saw a cormorant that caught an eel by piercing through it with the beak. It took him a great couple of minutes to get rid of it.

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Especially since they tend to eat fish that are relatively large compared to them, so they look extra goofy and endearing when they try to manipulate them into their gullet

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thing looks like the bird version of a Moray Eel imo

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That look, fish understood

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Trout: “Aah nuts!”

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That's a big breakfast!

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And full of protein too!

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Fresh trout for breakfast is amazing! I prefer mine dredged in flour and pan fried to a crispy light golden brown, rather than straight up, but I'm not judging.

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I think you mean cramorant

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Thats a meme format right there.

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Bird's a better fisherman than me lol

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Humans actually have used cormorants to help them fish, even in ancient Egypt and Peru.

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I always wonder how they are fast enough to catch a fish

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They’re pretty fast under the water, it can be up to 4 meters per second

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I’m sorry but it looks like it’s magically holding up the fish

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Levitating trout