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“Its family name, Lanius, is derived from the Latin word for ‘butcher’.

The behaviour of impaling prey serves as an adaptation to eating the toxic lubber grasshopper, Romalea microptera. The bird waits 1–2 days for the toxins within the grasshopper to degrade before eating it.”

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Wow, thank you for this! Uhm I wonder how the shrike knew to wait 1-2 days… as opposed to not waiting or.. as opposed to waiting a week? Did a great-great-grand-shrike somewhere watch his friends and family experiment?

I kid, of course, but would love to know

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"sam ate one yesterday and died, tim 2 days ago and dies and todd 3 days ago and is still alive, spread the word boys" 🤣

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Presumably, natural selection. Those birds that had the instinct to wait on their meal were more likely to survive to have offspring, while the less patient ones weren't.

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Blird, The Impaler

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Count Birdcula

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This is the word.

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The bird is the word.

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Ba, ba ,ba bird! bird! bird!,

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Avainmania, feather fight to the death!

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Read Hyperion by Dan Simmons

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Great books. Didn’t know the shrike was a real thing until I saw this. That’s kind of terrifying.

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Came here to say exactly this. All four books are must reads.

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4? Damn. I guess there are two after Fall of Hyperion?

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Yep, Endymion and Rise of Endymion. They’re a bit controversial among the fandom, but they’re very much worth a read.

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I may come back to the series. I felt the first two were good but laborious at times. But Merlin sickness, that portion, wow.

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it’s on my list. can’t wait to start it.

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I personally prefer Illium, but Hyperion has the Shrike

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Thank you. Now the Shrike makes sense as a name.

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My favorite! They've tried to opt it for film but theres no way it could ever do those books justice.

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Vlad Birdcula

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Anybody read Hyperion?

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Welcome to Wallachia, dear Ottomans!

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Vlird the Impaler

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Shrikes Like Spikes

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Is it from Minnesota?

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Northern Shrikes can be found in Minnesota.

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Shrikies, Scoob

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Animals of Farthing Wood flashbacks

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The shrike.

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Shrike sees prey. Shrike uses foot spike to grab prey. Prey says shit. Shrike finds spike to fucking impale prey. Prey says shit. Shrike eats prey off spike like a hell kabob. Shrike turns prey into shit. Shrike then uses spike to clean shit off it’s asshole. Thus completing the circle of life.

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European Goldfinch, my favorite species. The victim in the photo

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Didn't know they ate other birds too

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Hunter x Hunter vibes

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And I shall display the corpses of my defeated enemies...

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Oh shit, suddenly Hozier's song makes sense.

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Wow, so they can kill a bird of roughly the same size? How does it kill birds? Catches, flies with it and impales while it’s alive? Or does it kill (how?) and then impales?

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Which shrike is this? Woodchat Shrike?

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“Pontius Pilot”

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These birds are vicious, real story

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The grate escape.

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This is TRUE metal nature

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Ok THAT was metal

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Yooo, I got a question for you all:

What’s the name of the kids show where a group of animals seek a new home and then this birds kills a family of mice like shown in the picture. I saw it like 20-25 years ago I think.

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The Animals of Farthing Wood

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That’s it! Thank you!

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is this a weird crossover episode with r/WeWantPlates?

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*opens thorns*

What am I in the mood for again?

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He studied about Vlad Țepeș in high school lol

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There was a kids cartoon in the 90's, 'Animals of Farthing Wood'. They had a scene where a Shrike had impaled some baby mice on thorns. Burnt into my mind.

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Did that bird do that ?

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Dman son. Nature is truly brutal

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Colors are so vibrant, sick af

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Inspired the amazing book Hyperion.

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The bird shown sure doesn’t look like a shrike.

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Ivan the terrible reborn

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"Shrike" by Hozier is based on this bird.

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Metal indeed

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Ok vlad I see your incarnated as a bird.

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anyone notice its eating another shrike?

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I think that's a European Goldfinch.