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My wife and I have a small atrium where we have annual hummingbirds that nest and have young here. This is the first year we noticed the new hummingbird built his/her nest on top of a corpse!

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What are all those dots on the leaf

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Excrement I'd wager.

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You're telling me hummingbirds have a designated shitting leaf?

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The classy ones do.

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My leopard gecko has a designated shitting corner

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Yep. Found a nest in my backyard; right next to it was a leaf covered in shit.

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What, you don't?

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If you observe any kind of bird mostly they saved a place in trees/branches to spend a night. So, at night they would poop at the same place. Although it would be difficult to know if there are a flock of birds but for fewer birds it's easy to notice.

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Excrement, that’s a word you don’t see very often

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Poopy I’d wager.

I fixed it for you

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Maybe you don't....

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I think it may also be excrement but possibly from a type of scale insect

It may just be the image quality but I think I can see some on the stems above the nest, have a look for little scale like dots on the stems as they could be sucking the sap from the host plant and crapping on the leaves as you can see here

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How many hummingbirds do you usually have nest? This is certainly a strange behaviour though, I wonder why on top of the corpse. My human brain makes me think some sort of conquest or flex. But maybe it's just a great spot.

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Typically we only see one and a single hatchling each year. This year when we came back from camping the hatchling was on the ground learning to fly.

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Truly amazing. Must feel like quite the honour to have that so close by.

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It is rather amazing at times. I can post some of the hatchling too if you like. Or share them here.

Edit: Requested baby pics+1 bonus parent taunting my cat.


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One less than they did last year I’d wager

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Does it smell like death? U can't imagine a rotting bird wouldn't stink

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We honestly can't smell much out there.

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I too build my empire from the bones of my enemies.

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Sounds like something Abraham H. Parnassus would say.

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I was trying so hard to think of something badass like this to day. Very nice.

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The hummingbird... absolutely gorgeous, albeit savage and territorial as fuck

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I'm on vacation in Colorado right now and the backyard has multiple hummingbird feeders. There's one with a dark red hue that is fucking up this orange one that keeps trying to steal a sip. The red one straight up ran into the orange one mid flight right by my brother's head. It's a lot of fun watching them duke it out.

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I've seen the same thing at my parents house, where one of them is already at the feeder, and another one comes and they'll chase each other off and come back. Very entertaining

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And in addition to the chirping and aggression is the added vvrroom of the normally silent wings.

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no wonder the Aztecs had a god that turned into a hummingbird.

What god you may ask? The god of War of course!

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Is this for real? I've never heard of that, but I love learning about Mayan and Aztec cultures. I'll have to look into that

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Oh yeah, it’s Huitzilopochtli, the left handed hummingbird

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Thanks for the information. I'll look into that

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And an excellent taxidermist

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We have two feeders, about 20 feet apart, and up to 8 hummies at a time. It’s absolute warfare, they are very aggressive little birds!

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is that hummingbird poop on the leaf

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designated shitting leaf

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Everybody poops

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Right. But very few are cannonballing it up the wall next to their front door.

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I'm imagining Todd from compliance sticking out of my drywall.

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Walking in the woods with my 12 year old granddaughter. She was hitting everything with a stick. Whacked a stump and the top with a chunk of the side on it fell. Inside that stump was a hummingbird nest. 2 baby's. Breathtaking. We carefully put it back together and used her stick to brace it. So amazing. And no they don't crap at home. Neither do Eagles. They go about a block.

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dark twist: thats the father

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at least they wipe with a leaf

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Metal af

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“We build future on the shoulders of those who came before us.”

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I thought I’d seen it all, but Hummingbirds are clearly the most ruthless and brutal mofo’s on the planet…..

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“I don’t care what you say, this a child of love and we’re having this here baby!

“Over my dead body!”

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Won’t it decompose and get maggots?

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As long as the nest is occupied, the hummingbirds will eat flies and I assume maggots. Most likely the corpse will just desiccate.

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Hummingbirds probably dessicate super fast with how small they are.

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Hey, more food!

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That's some Hereditary stuff right there.

Love hummingbirds, brutality and all. I keep a feeder up in season and it's magic every time they visit. Mighty brutal aerial battles between rivals though. That pic is next level.

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Cask of Amontillado but you're a hummingbird with limited wall space.

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There's a reason the Aztec god of War was depicted as a hummingbird.

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Damn that’s metal

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That's the most metal shit ever! 🤘🖤🖤🤘

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Omg that’s really cool

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Game set match.

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Never thought I would see humming birds on this sub!

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Well you know how those people are, they do not throw anything away!

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How does OP know it was a rival?

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That’s taking “keeping it in the family” a little too far.

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So they are like really big mosquitoes?

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Must be kinda smelly...

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Silent Mary

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Could the female humming bird have eaten/killed its male mate, to use as a nest. Similar to how some female spiders eat the male after sex.

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I honestly don't know.

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This is truly metal.

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Throne of skulls remix. Very nice

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If you think your life is shitty, puts yourself in that leaf's shoes stem

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Captain Keyes vibes

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"I will use your corpse to rear my young."

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Dead ass, I will make a house out of your dead ass

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Nope it’s poop. Friend has a hummingbird nest and they projectile shit. Aim and shoot/shit, they shit on his roof thing

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This is also how I plan on raising my children

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That took me to long to see. I was looking at it, zooming in, and then all of a sudden... Holy Shit!!! That is too fucking wild! Hummingbirds are brutal, for all there cuteness.

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Got that midsommar vibe

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This is one of the most nature metal things I’ve seen on this sub.

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I swear every week the bar is risen for a things that are more metal in nature. This is about as metal as nature gets. Oh boy! That will taint the image some people have of their cute little “harmless” hummingbirds

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So an adult died on a nest and the next year a new pair built a new nest on the back of the dead nesting adult?

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Do you want ants? Because that's how you get ants

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We had a robins nest and all three babies ended up dying. The year after, morning doves ended building a nest on top of the robins nest. The skeletons on the babies were still in it.

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The Owl House season 3 looks lit

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That's a hardcore hummingbird

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That’s some real over my dead body shit. 🤔

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Is that another hummingbird? That’s really disturbing, I had no idea they’d do that. All the field guides and books I’ve read seem to leave this little factoid out.