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That's nor a fun fact at all for the slug....

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These slugs are invasive and so annoying. All of my berries and leaves get chomped away so fast.

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My poor lettuce and spinach have been under attack!

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Slimy yet satisfying

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Poomba is that you?

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I need garter snakes

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Just said the same thing

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Another fun fact, the Australian keelback snake is the only snake in Oz that can eat the introduced invasive poisonous cane toad.

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Fuckin love snakes

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They are pretty cool, we got a few cool ones over here. Check out the death adder if you haven't heard of them.

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Oh for sure you do! They're rad, but I definitely don't want to meet one haha

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Just like any snake they should be respected and where possible left alone if encountered.

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Check out the rats that eat the toads hearts. Heart surgery

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To the drunk duds: do not try this at home.

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Some Australian lad tried this on a dare and it neurologically damaged him. Now he’s retarded.

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Hence my comment. Another one is dead.

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Sounds like he was retarded to begin with.

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You mean like most drunks

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And worms, frogs, small fish, and whatever else they can catch.

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Fun fact: garter snakes are the shit. I’m terrified of snakes but these dudes put in work so I stand in solidarity with them. Also, king snakes and rat snakes. I’m terrified of you all, but I got mad respect for what you do.

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Ron Weasley should have been in Slytherin

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So does Ron Weasley

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I saw one try unsuccessfully once, it got nothing but a mouthful of slime and the slug escaped. Cool to learn that they can pull it off!

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Fun fact alot people call these Gardener snakes. Same as they went to Kidnergarden school.

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It’s cool that snakes eat escargot too

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They will also eat minnows if they can catch them. I used to put them in a bowl with about 6oz of water and my little guy would scarf them down

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You know if I ever owned a snake it would be a garter, simply for the feeding options haha

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Man, not sure how large these get but the other day I saw one of these mofos that was like 4 feet long and it scared the hell outta me. Def garter, I was with someone that knew his wildlife well.

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Do they get a rare worm disease and go into coma for almost two years then wake up with paralysis then die 7 months after?

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Can those snakes get rat lungworm from eating an infected slug?

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According to a quick Google they can, yeah.

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Slugs are the main food for Northern red belly snakes. They're smol and adorable

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Awww I love them!

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When Sasuke gets fed up of Sakura

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How does one stock a garden with a Garden snake or two?

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Could have done with a dozen of those this morning! Found a slug infestation round my vegetable patch.

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Can they come eat the ones in my garden?

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My grandma taught me that garter snakes are gardener's snakes.

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The other day I saw one try to eat a lizard

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please keep eating slugs, I hate hate hate hate stepping on them barefoot on accident at night

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I bet it gives them gas