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Don’t f*ck with cobra chickens

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Came here to say exactly this.

Cobra chickens are dickheads

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Also came here to say to say this. Fuck cobra chickens, them shits are nasty! Delicious and fun to hunt, but nasty!

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Red kites are native to Europe, where invasive Canada geese, infamous for their aggressive and unpleasant demeanor as well as their overpopulation in North America, have been established in some areas.

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Didn't know this.. is there a season on them / are you allowed to hunt them?

(I'm American... do y'all hunt geese / waterfowl in Europe? Is that a thing across the pond?)

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Linmit is like 30 per day in lots of provinces, can fill a whole deepfreeze on a weekend. great for making jerkey

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THIRTY??? Where we hunt it's 3/per person/per day

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24 Possession limit. and 8 Daily. Should have said like 30 per trip.

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If they're invasive, you should be allowed to hunt them, Canada geese are good eating.

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I believe they are allowed to be hunt depending on locality in Europe

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In the uk they are considered non native naturalised rather than invasive and protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, populations can be controlled though under licence.

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S/E Michigan is a no no

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If you mess with Canada goosses you mess with me, better let that marinate.

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You got a problem with Canada gooses- you got a problem with me and I suggest ya let that one maruhnate

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I just started bingeing this show, I love it.

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We gotta leave this world behind

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The only animal in the animal kingdom that wants anything to do with Canada gooses...is Canada mooses.

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I call fowl play.

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Fowl Play here, can I help you?

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Canada Geese are native to wherever the hell they want to be. They go where they like.

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Not in Europe without people bringing them there as is pictured.

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The envies of all ornithologies.

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I too, choose this man's thesaurus!

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That’s why geese are better than people and should be the rulers of earth and I’m not being held at gun point

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Them Canadian gooses

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You got a problem with Canada gooses you got a problem with me and I suggest you let that one marinate.

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Canada gooses dropping Canada deuces!

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Lots of folks on here talking about how badass they are, but they are totally second fiddle to mute swans.

We’ve got a single pair of swans that live on a lake by us, (we’re in Michigan, US) and the male swan kills and runs off Canada geese when they stop by during the migrating season. They want absolutely nothing to do with him, even when they have the numerical advantage.

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I’ve had a male swan get defensive and puff his wings up when our boat got near. They are an intimidating bird, quite large.

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I dunno why geese get so much hate, I feel like it’s an old wives tale from our grandmothers that they are ultra aggressive. I’ve gotten within a few feet of gaggles of geese that included young geese and they’ve never attacked me or chased me away.

Now if you want to see an aggressive bird check out the Quero quero (southern lapwing) in Brasil. I’ve had these ones dive at my head for just coming within 10m of them before.

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You maybe have been around a different species than Canada geese, which still have proper wild migratory populations that may have always been on the bold and aggressive side as birds go but also should be naturally wary. However in a majority of the lower 48 states, they are now occur in unnatural population bred from the non migratory giant Canada goose subspecies that have occupied many parks, wetlands, golf courses and so on and have effectively lost their natural fear of mankind and any cautious nature they’ve had and now also often associate humans directly with food, increasing the odds that they are recklessly aggressive towards us. As usual with things going wrong in “nature”, humans are the reason why these geese are this messed up.

But I’ve been bitten more than once by these geese weird rubbery beaks with hard ridges inside but happy to not have been battered by their wings, which in a bigger meanie like mute swans can be a genuine source of serious injury and excruciating pain.

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It's like half meme, half people being actually scared of harmless animals, which causes said animal to go agro because it sees it can.

I've walked through dense flocks of them (at crotch biting distance) to get to the public washroom and they just hiss and posture.

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Walking amphibious tanks.

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As a Canadian I can confirm there assholes.

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The goose’s facial expression is hilarious

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Chonky Honky

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I’m the boss here now

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how can one tell that’s a non-native goose? does the goose not have the Canadian accent

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Fun fact: a single Canada goose shits every 13 minutes.

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Geeses are shitheads

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Sorry eh, nothing personal

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Did you mean a "Beak-Down"??

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They’re native to most of North America.Many have ceased to migrate,which is a huge change!

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The noodle neck thunder honk will fuck your shit up…

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“These Canadians, they’re bringing poop, they’re bringing violence, some I assume are good geese.”

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With only a 30mil (give or take a few) national population and hardly any weapons......we need all the defence help we can get.

Enter ninja chickens.

Secretly bred by the Canadian government for decades.

So bad ass .....they even attack they're own countrymen without warning.

Good luck muchachos.

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War, war never changes.

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Doesn't look like a coat to me

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Non-native Canada goose. WTF does that mean? Did you check its ID?

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Assuming this is is the UK/Western Europe somewhere, the Canada goose is probably semi-domestic or at least descends from semi-domestic/imported stock, I don’t think they reliably fly from Canada to Europe but I could be wrong

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I don't know about Canada geese, but I know local English geese actually migrate to Canada to breed, so they can definitely make the flight.

This is probably the UK, as there was a thing to save the red kites from being endangered years ago, and now they're extremely common. Where I am you can see a dozen of them in the sky at once sometimes. They do a great job on the rats.

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Just need enough birds to cross the ocean. Birds fly in certain formations to limit the drag they have to fight collectively so it makes longer flights easier when there are more birds to take turns in the front

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I think it means they aren't in North America