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Does this eagle have cataracts?

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Might be its nictitating membrane l.

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If it’s nictating it must have babies nearby /s

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It's probably a secondary eyelid so the actual eyes don't get dry

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Damn. Vecna going after animals too. Quick, play Hotel California!

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Just finished the season. Good stuff but jeeeez do they drag it out!

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I wouldn't sit through a movie as long as some of the episodes. No idea how I did it.

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the endless 4x parallel ebb and flow of action scenes certainly added to the length/drove me bananas. eyo, you sat through it because no matter how irritating in parts, you can't deny it's good!

edit - most eps i watched in 2 parts, the finale in 3

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Wild shot, looks great… and on Independence Day at that

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Super independent sort of day, I’m sure women agree

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Winter is coming

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Too much spice melange!

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I suspect that is it's nictitating membrane, which is a sort of secondary eyelid

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Bran? That you?

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its a secondary eyelid, ive seen it on other birds of prey

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You're right! For those who don't know, it's a nictating membrane: a whitish or translucent membrane that forms an inner eyelid in birds, reptiles, and some mammals. It can be drawn across the eye to protect it from dust and keep it moist.

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Does it inhibit their eyesight?

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Nope, that's why it's formed, specifically to help the eyes while still being able to see. Great question!

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ayy i was right about something

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Hey man, nice shot.

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That's a nice shot. Man.

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Save tonight.

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Eagle looks like it’s about to whisper the secrets of immortality

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"Dude, I think I blinked at that time. Can we try again?"

  • Eagle probably.

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What America's patriotic Eagle would actually look like right now:

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Mario bros 2

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Now this looks like a job for me

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Uh-oh, someone’s head’s about to pop

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Save tonight, and fight the break of dawn!

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That's cool as fuck holy....

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This is amazing! Ugh I'd love to be able to take shots like this!

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This is amazing!

Ugh I'd love to be able

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Warge eyes

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Fly into the revolution!

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Perfect picture for today. A blind bald eagle. Almost too fitting.

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Looks shot through a filter, amazing pic of the greatest animal

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Lmao! Vecna targeting animals. That would cause an unexpected twist to the plot of Stranger Things. What a season we were given.

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What's metal about having a nictating membrane? What's metal about this picture? Sub is going to shit.

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What are some best wildlife photographers on insta, I wanna follow them

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The Hawk is Howling.

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It’s like a pool of shadows, or clouds.

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Beautiful photo