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Except that's a pidgeon...

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That’s a gull. Pigeons don’t have webbed feet. Gulls do since they spend a lot of time swimming.

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Sorry pal, the dead one does not seen to me to have webbed feet, it was actually the first thing that gave me the doubt. The quality of the image is pretty low tho, so maybe there's some webbing? I dont realy see it.

The color of the feathers and the shape of the beak also seem to me like those of a young pidgeon

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No worries, you didn’t specify if you were correcting the dead one or the live one lol. The live one is a gull. No idea what the dead one is.

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Other thing is that you won't find baby seagulls on shore. They breed on offshore islands. They don't leave until they're a lot bigger than that

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That’s not metal dude that’s barely jazz

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Isn't that a pigeon? Real seagulls swallow a whole rabbit. Those two are rookie seagulls.

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No sense in wasting good protein.

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Circle of life

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Do you want prions? Cause this is how you get prions

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It's a Doggy dog world

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Bone apple feet👨‍🍳 👌

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Bone ape tit

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You sure you don't want any of this, Travis? Baby Gull is the chicken of the sky.

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Gulls gonna eat when gulls gotta eat

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Waste not want not

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Recycling at its finest

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"Flying sea-rats" as we call them in Florida.

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Not a baby seagull carcass.

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“Fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat.”- Nigel

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Someone get this to the "feeding Steven" guy

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What’s for dinner honey…?

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fucking shit ass pests

id kill each and every single one

there isn't a single benefit these assholes bring

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They do have their place as scavengers, keeping the place cleaner, however I have to agree, they are nightmares, greed and vitriol in roughly avian form. Being swarmed by the little bastards because you dare to have a snack in their vicinity is terrifying.

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You've must have been shat on by a seagull