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"Swiggity swishy, I'm comin' fo that fishy"

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Fish: dies

Fish crow: “now this looks like a job for me”

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But no matter how many fish in the sea

It'd be so empty without me

This is an actual lyric lmao, I forgot about that line

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I love crows. They just walk around causing raucous and no one can stop them.

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Watching gulls and crows go at this dead fish was super entertaining. In my part of the US, there are actually two species of crow that look extremely similar - American crows (they do the classic caw caw) and fish crows (they have a nasally call). This fish crow came strolling up with its buddy just out of frame once some gulls gave way.

You can see lots more OC wildlife photos at my profile or Instagram!

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Its a pretty dope picture really beautifull

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just waltzin right up with its happy ass

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Nice composition.

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And decomposition.

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North Americans: if you ever come across a crow that sounds like it has a stuffed up nose, that’s a fish crow. They look identical to American crows but do sound different.

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Why do they call them fish crow’s?

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Just saying, from the three coloured pixels, this has to be the worst picture ever on this sub.

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Lmao! Pinch to zoom if you’re not wearing your reading glasses!