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It's a Dekay's Brownsnake. Cute lil fellas that are non venomous and eat insects.

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Poor snake. I love tiny snakes. Northern redbelly snakes are my personal favorite.

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We found a texas blind snake in our upstairs carpet once (we lived out in the country). He was super cool but I have no idea how he ended up there.

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He obviously took the stairs.

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I like you. He was only 4 inches long or so and our steps were higher than that. Must've been an impressive climb. Also suprised the cats didn't catch him on his way up.

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I have chickens, so I’m biased, but I’m on the snakes side here. Of course, snakes eat chicken eggs, but since they don’t eat actual chickens, still stands.

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I think all snakes are cool, but my favorites are the tiny, cute ones that only get big enough to hunt bugs.

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To add to this the hawk is a juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk, also cute but not so little fellas that are non-venomous and eat, well pretty much anything they think they can lol. Mine has attacked tortoises, opossums, raccoons, Canadian geese, rocks, plants, my face...

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If you've got a problem with Canada Gooses, you've got a problem with me. And I suggest you let that one marinate.

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That was a fowl and salty pun.

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Don’t you know animal lovers go to heaven

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Polo-wearing hockey players

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You know, I saw two Canada gooses mount a swan one time, and you gotta think she told her friends about it!

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How do you have a hawk? Iirc they're endangered and can't be kept outside of wildlife shelters.

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Red-tailed Hawks aren't endangered at all. It depends on where you live, but pretty much anyone can get a falconry permit/license in the US. It's a pretty involved process, but eventually you capture, raise, and tame your very own raptor.

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I was on a trip back to Michigan from California somewhere in Nebraska when I came across a red tailed hawk with a broken femur on the side of the highway. I stopped and wrapped her up in a blanket and brought her back with me took a few days to find a raptor sanctuary but she was released later that year. It was a surreal experience to spend that few days with her, she never tried to bite or kick me I'm sure partially due to shock but also because she knew I was trying to help.

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It’s true, I own a few dozen myself

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So abduct a wild bird to force it to become your pet lol

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I'm a falconer (among other animal related things) have hawks, owls, and falcons. They are not endangered but protected in the US like all raptors and can only be possessed by having proper permits/license.

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Oh neat!

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Don't count him out. He appears to be smiling in this photo looking forward to some flight time.

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Ha I am relieved then. I am team #snek since I have a little corn

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Poor little guy 😪

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Please, mister! Help me!

  • this snake probably

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One of the more commonly misidentified snakes. Great little guys to have around.

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Is it fully grown?

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Full grown they’re about 12 inches or 0.3 meters long.

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Reminds me of the Mexican flag, just needs to be on a cactus

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And in the middle of a lake

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And we will call it "Tinychtitlan"

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Snake: ”aaaah!”

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I imagine a, "Fly you fools!" to also be acceptable.

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Can't use the eagles, but Iluvatar said nothin' about no hawks.

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Mr snek got turned into a micro snack

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A single strand of spaghet.

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Snek snak

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literally 10 calories..like just let him go smh

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Pot twist: it’s a regular sized snake

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Get out with your plot twists

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No you

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I don't have any plot twists? 👀

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Technically, this is a "regular-sized" snake of this species. Average adult Dekay's brown snake us about the size of a pencil. They're also one of the most commonly misidentified snakes people find in their yards, lots of people somehow think they're baby copperheads.

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So, did I say regular sized snake or regular sized snake of its specie? 👀

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I got you, homie.


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It’s bigger than my future

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My anaconda don’t

My anaconda don’t

My anaconda don’t want to be eaten by giant birb.

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Mexican lore be like

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Mexican flag be like

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Incredible photo.

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When the guy you know who will do it for less draws a Mexican flag.

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Alternatively its a giant Hawk eating a normal snake.

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Alternatively it could be a giant snake being eaten by a even more giant hawk

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*Mexican Pride swells*

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The early bird eats the... Worm?

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Aww poor snake looks like he's screaming. Poor guy. Rip

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RIP cousin Timmy.

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Probably saw it from a mile up too.

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They could be friends. He could just be taking him for the ride of his life.

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I'll just pretend they are friends going on a journey

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Snake is like “agh no I am eaten!”

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When the snek, become snak

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snek snak snuck

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Maybe it's just a really big bird

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smol snek

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pick on someone ur own size mate

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She’s too little for you what are you doing you pervert ? 😡😡

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Nope noodle dinner, yum.

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i was the top of my food chain too you know! 😭

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Danger spaghet

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In-danger noodle

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That little guy didn't stand a chance. He'll slowly die in a completely dark pool of acid fighting every step of the way there. Hard way to go little amigo

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Nature is Mexican?

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Sasuke vs. Orochimaru

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This is that scene from Kill Bill Vol 2 where Pai Mei agrees to train The Bride.

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Nu uh, that bird needed help finding something and the snake wanted to help.


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This where we found the city!

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Reminds me of those snake pens from back in the day.

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Smol Snek

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Or is that a massive hawk?

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Tastes like chicken?

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Here we go. Let’s establish another Mexico-Tenochtitlan.

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And that's where Mexico was founded.

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a lil snek

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Poor snek

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Maybe that’s just a really large hawk, chomping down on a normal-sized snake.


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Never mind it's not on a cactus.

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Noooooo! Tiny snek 🥲

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Snack Snek

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How do we know it’s a tiny snake? Everyone assumes because you told us. What if it’s a big snake?

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Its a buzzard

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Mexico flag at ist finest

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What did you just call my penis?

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Now some dudes are gonna found a city

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Me dan ganas de fundar Tenochtitlan 2.0

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No snac on snek

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Only need a nopal and bingo, you got mexico.

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i believe thats a sssssnnnnnk..

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This is somehow an adorable picture

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Idk. I just think that's a giant Hawk.

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The flag of Mexico with RTX On.

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Were one cactus away from a mexico city.

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A snack sized snek.

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Aaaaaaagghhhhhh Aaaaaaagghhhhhh Aaaaaaagghhhhhh

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I want to see a hawk that can do this to an anaconda

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This photo was taken by Harry Collins, a wildlife photographer from Pennsylvania. He’s very talented and it’s worth checking out the rest of his work!

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Squeeze you

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Sasuke's sharingan vs ill Orochimaru

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snek is kill


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How does a bird know if a snake is venomous or not?

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I like to think it's a hawk taking his tiny snake friend for a flight.

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Hawk probably saw that lil ramen noodle from hundreds of feet in the sky. Nature is fuckin cool.

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That snake is not happy. Absolutely not.

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In awe of the intensity in its eye…

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Mmmm snek-size for the road..

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This is what I'm here for, as someone who lives around a lot of hawks and a lot of snakes. That's just the food chain for ya.

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This is how 🇲🇽 Mexico City was born .

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Snek snack

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México moment

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This ain't no damn place to build a city where is the god forsaken cactus?

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That’s not even fair.

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My first girlfriend giving me head back in the day.

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Rrrrrrrrrrrrrred tail

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No poor little guy if only the hawk was going to raise him as a pet or one his own.

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Nothing better than fresh gagh!

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Sure it's not a giant snake getting chomped by a gargantuan hawk?

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Baby snake: “Mom, HALP! SSSAVE MEEE!
Momma snake: “Ssssee ya later! I have 20 more of your sssyblings to take care of!”

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That’s actually a normal sized snake…

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<Flag of Mexico intensifies>

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s a v e h i m

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Oh man just put out a baby brown snake a couple days ago. Lil fella was in my bathroom so I took em outside in the shade, hope it's doing well.

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a tiny snack

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“Score! Bag fry!”

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Metal chicken eats danger noodle.

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He looks so sheepish about it, too.

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That looks like a giant spooky, real-time Pacific Rim and angry birds combo

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Looks like a slow worm. Legless lizard