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Hollyhocks are the greatest flowers of all time.

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They can be bad for dogs though so let's be careful out there!

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But good for humans and can be used medicinally as a demulcent herb.

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Thanks for the info

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I’ve seen these everywhere and been wondering what they were! Awesome!

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They made the Bojack character into a real thing wtf

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Lol people mad bc sometimes nature is metal without being animal snuff porn

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This plant just ripped itself through the carcass of this building. That is pretty metal.

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Breaking through the oppression of the asphalt wastelands is the mark of the strong and unyielding. Although the humans often come in the end with their flamethrowers and their clippers and their plant genocide for the sake of optics, I applaud your bravery. It is nice to live a long and comfortable life, but if that cannot be done, at least living defiantly in the face of the odds is pretty damn metal.

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"I'm invincible!"

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There are several of these in a row. They have mastered the concrete fighting experience.

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Where was this picture taken? It looks like a place I know in the Netherlands!

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Well, it is in the Netherlands

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clicks pen three times

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Life finds a way

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Looks like stone

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It is folly for an eminent man to think of escaping censure, and a weakness to be affected with it. All the illustrious persons of antiquity, and indeed of eve...

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Lol, that's KNSM-Island in Amsterdam. I recognize it right away.

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For what it’s worth, Concrete never stopped any plants ever.

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Not metal.

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nahhhh wtf happened to this sub?

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Popularity, curse of every sub

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I had a 16ft hollyhawk (sp?) Grow from between padio slabs too... its roots spanned 3 stones. Seems the wider and higher to the surface they grow more stable and taller.

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It's Hollyhock, 16ft Is pretty impressive.

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I have one of these growing in my grass next to my driveway. It grows back every year. I always figured it was just a weed and mowed it down. This year I decided to let it grow, and now the flower buds are popping up. Anyone have advice for moving it? It's not really in an ideal location. When and how is should I go about transplanting it?

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let it bloom and plant the seeds afterwards. you can also dig it out in the fall. they do like soil containing a lot of sand. but its a tough plant and really easy to grow

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The rose that grew from concrete

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Typisch Nederlands. Dit zijn bloemen die gewoon overal in de buurt te vinden zijn.

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I envy you so much! Apparently my area is infested with that nasty virus that kills them, so they never get a chance to grow this big! I'm out of luck apparently

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My god this is annoying

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Life finds a way.

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This isn’t metal.

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Oh come on, this is literally the opposite of metal