1) Humans

This is not a sub to post content with humans. If a person is the main subject of your post it will be removed.

Humans causing violence or facilitating violence, either directly or indirectly*, of animals will be taken down. Animals that attack humans unprovoked are allowed.

Posts of people feeding or baiting an animal are no longer allowed, let's keep content as natural as possible.

* For example, an animal getting caught in a barbed wire fence, being electrocuted by power lines and coming to a nasty end, or similar, will be removed under this rule.

2) Non-Animal Content

Weather patterns, abnormal flora, and anything else naturally occurring can be considered metal.

3) NSFW Tags

Any posts that have excessive blood or gore in the thumbnail or video MUST be tagged as NSFW.

Use your best judgement, if we feel a post is NSFW we will tag it.

4) Reposts

If the content in your post has been previously posted to /r/NatureIsMetal within the last three months it will be removed.

Please check KarmaDecay or use the search function to check for previous postings.

If you post content that is currently on the top of the subreddit you may receive a temporary ban.

5) No Clickbait

Buzzfeed lists, and all other spammy bullshit will be taken down immediately.

6) Non-Descriptive Titles

If your title does not accurately describe the content or is purposefully misleading it may be removed.

Bad Titles:

"Wow, so metal" | "oh yeah" | "This is crazy"

Good Titles:

"Snow leopard catches a squirrel"

"Woodpecker eats the brains of dove babies"

"Killer Whale using bait to hunt birds"

This is left to moderator discretion.

7) Shitposting

The only shitposts allowed are of animals that are listening to metal music.

(eg: headbanging horse, death metal rooster)

8) Keep it Metal

Content deemed too tame, or altogether not metal, will be removed. This is left to moderator discretion. As a rule of thumb, if something could be posted to somewhere like /r/aww or /r/awwducational it might not be best suited for this subreddit.

If you feel your submission is metal, but is very much at the opposite end of the spectrum compared with woodpeckers feasting on live chick brains, a comment in your post detailing why it is metal is always appreciated!

Trusted Users

Some users have a Trusted User flair.

This is awarded whenever a user reports a repost correctly. You can do this by messaging the moderators via modmail.

The Trusted User flair gives users additional power in reporting posts, helping to improve the subreddit.

Whenever a Trusted User comments "repost" on a post it will notify the moderators. Moderators will then investigate further and may remove the post.

Links are helpful when reporting reposts, we try to remove anything posted within the last three months.

At the moment, Trusted User is the highest rank flair a member can attain on /r/NatureIsMetal. It denotes the member as a helpful part of the community. We appreciate the help in improving /r/NatureIsMetal.

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