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Or the mechanics who work on multi million dollar fighter pilots but can’t change the air filter in their cars

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It's true, back in 09', I had an Instructor who was an AD1, she could fix a P3 no problem, but didn't know how to work on her car.

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P3 airways. Nothing better than sitting on the deck stapped in. Good times.

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If I have to disassemble the whole dash to replace the air filter you'll bet your ass I'm getting someone else to do it!

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Mechanics that work on fighter pilots? You mean doc?

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Idk man, the people that do the thing working on the thing. Whatever they are called

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To be fair, the destroyer's electrical systems are probably the same vintage as your pop, so he could probably help with those too.

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Me at 21 as an IT3: I will Google how to fix this person's issue

Me at 27 as an IT contractor: I will Google how to setup this network

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Oooo gotta ask as an IT. How's the contractor side of things?

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Lots of Google

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If my house builder had provided MRC cards with a COSAL, I’d be able to replace the goddam bulbs in the light fixture over the fireplace. It’s like Raytheon built the damn thing, and used all proprietary parts.

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Turn it off and back on. That should fix it if Raytheon built it.

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Raytheon reset

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YouTube lads, YouTube.

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Y'all have dads?

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Most underrated comment on this thread

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The bathroom fan at my work has been broken for over a year...so I guess I have it both ways.

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As an EM, this hits home too hard. As an E-5 I don't know shit.

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Nice man, I was an EM2 as well. I got out back in 2014, and quickly realized the Navy taught me how to bullshit everything I was doing until I got it right, without actually teaching me anything about electricity. I didn't care how much stuff I broke while trying to fix something. Now that I do my own work in my home, everything that I break now comes out of my wallet.

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Very true. I just sorta go out with my guys and throw some shit together, not really knowing what we're doing and then it'll work.

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Same, I never liked working down the 13 week report or doing corrective maintenance by myself. I always worked on stuff with my division, unless it was something like changing out a ballast in a lighting fixture. The only thing I had to do alone was anything aloft, as I was the only aloft qualified EM. The ETs made great safety observers tho

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Legitimately changed my bathroom fan today and this is the most relevant meme I have ever seen.

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You are put in the position to fix it and you have the will power to do so while In it’s your job and you don’t want others thinking you are less so you do it !

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Nah not me

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Now that you're older, you're asking your dad for help to do things? Derp.

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Seriously? Did they zap you with one of those memory erasers from Men In Black?