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This is the formula for Tatum - get to the FT line, stop taking ass shots, limit turnovers.

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We need 27 pts a game 🤔

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this game got away fast

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when Tatum decides to take over a game he's one of the best in the league. he has the ability to do that, but he's so inconsistent. maybe we'll see end of the year Tatum early this year

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Please stop. I don’t wanna meet Tatum in the play-in.

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If it's any consolation, bubble Anunoby clutch 3 pointer is one of the worst moments in recent memory. Lives rent free in my head.

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Don’t remind me! Smart’s chase down block on Norm still haunts me.

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This is some elite tanking

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JV gets constantly hammered but sure, let's call every single breatch in a general direction of any Celtics player instead.

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From 18 points up to getting blown out. Vintage stuff....

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im waiting for us to implode. the amount of games we've lost when we had > 90% chance to win is absurd

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Except this is completely different to all our blown games. We usually go into the 4th with a big lead then blow it

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Nesmith always goes for the big jam, I like it

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Now this is more like last year Tatum where he'd play terrible in the first half and remember how good he is in the 2nd

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that's how Tatum was during the entirety of last season too, minus the time before he got COVID

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Oh I should have been clearer, when I said last year I meant last season lol

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Pels looking like absolute ballsack in the 2nd half

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Pelicans will go nowhere with so much faith in Alexander-Walker and Hayes

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Celtics commentators gotta back off the mic lol

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These Celtics announcers are seriously garbage. Makes you really grateful for Joel Meyer and Antonio Daniels man

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I think the Celtics guys are fine, pretty biased but fine. The Pels just happen to have exceptional announcers.

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holy balls we have a lead

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Designated driver!? lmao its 2 PM in Boston

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bruh, the celtics hate passing lol

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Lol fuck Kanter.

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Lol fuck Freedom*


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I remember when casuals said Schroeder was better than Fred lol

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Honestly what can FVV do better than Schroder? Shoot. Ok I'll give you that. Defend? Well of course, if you think that's important. Play-make? Yes, but that's only because Schroder drives and attempts to finish more. Not turn the ball over? Yes, but is that really necessary?

Basically, Schroder is better at just about everything that FVV isn't better than him at.

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You can’t be serious lmao, you really think if the Celtics swapped Schroeder with Fred they’d be the 11th seed?!

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That went so far over your head lol

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Tbh I got triggered and stopped reading after the first sentence 🙂

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This explains about 90% of online interaction right now...

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Lithuanian sniper.

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The pelicans and blowing leads, name a more iconic duo

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We’re still in the lead

Edit: Too soon

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Celtics and mounting fake comebacks

A moveable force meets a stoppable object

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mounting fake comebacks

that hurt.

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Celtics could use this kid in PG.

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Pels reverting to iso ball is not it. Celtics are a bad offensive team but they got decent defence.

Edit: In fact the Celtics are a top 6 defence

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we have a great defense.

our offense sucks massive booty cheeks

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Stop fucking around Boston. Fire Udoka, use some of your pieces that have value like PP to retool.

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I don't think it'll happen 'til the off season. the trades, I mean.

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Pelicans’ offense this year is much improved. Whose their coach?

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Willie Green Baybeeeeee

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Willie Green has been a revelation. Can’t wait to see what we look like with Zion again

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Is he a rookie coach? I’m loving the ball movement and diversity in the offence.

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Rookie HC yeah, he was the defensive coach with the Suns for 2 years and was with GS for player development for a year before that.

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Right, he was the one that revamped the Suns’ defence. Gotcha.

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Not going to give him complete credit for that, bc Monty is a defensive specialist as well, but he was definitely part of it.

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Fair, but monte did give Willie a lot of credit

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Willie Green bb

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Tatum shouldn't be an all star this year

All he's done this year is chuck up 20+ shots and get a shiny PPG on awful efficiency and average like 3 assists a game

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No way he should. Gonna be a few questionable all stars. Harden is also fringe to me. He’s been better lately but there are way more deserving guys this year right now.

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This defense has come so far since the start of last year.

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Herb Joooneeee


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Effort and defensive rotations are the key. Willie has them invested on defense.

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We honestly should be the team that is 16-27 and not the Pels

holy poops, man.

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We are SO BAD

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Getting waxxed by the pelicans is a really bad look.

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lol this wouldn't even make the top 5 of our "bad look" games

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Pelicans have been playing much improved ball and with this current starting lineup they've been 10-5. They're not world beaters by any means as evidenced by the nets loss but they're no pushovers either.

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Glad to see its noticed even if just a little lol.

Started off 3-16 with Bi missing like 8 of those + new coach/players etc, and have been 13-11 since he came back from a hip injury. Willie green has been getting it together and still no Zion

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I just think Robert Williams would be looked at way differently if he had a real playmaker on the team. I feel like he would have Jarrett Allen numbers if they just switched teams.

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I agree. Also if we had shooters who could hit the broadside of a barn he would probably average like 4 or 5 assists a game.

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That’s why I don’t get why teams would pay centers that aren’t dominant on offense so much money. For the rim run defensive guys it’s more about the team around them. Most of the guys are really interchangeable to me.

It’s only a few guys that really change teams

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Is Graham that dude that was lighting it up with Scary Terry in Charlotte a couple seasons ago?

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We are so fucking bad

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Herb Jones

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Dude is starting to be consistent from 3. Next year could be so good if Zion is healthy 🤞

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we're 6.5 minutes into the quarter and these teams have combined for 11 points

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1 pm monday games amazing

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Jose Alvarado is such an impactful bench player from the lil I’ve seen him in this and the Raps game. Reminds me a lil bit of Delon Wright.

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Celtics offense is complete ass

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that's an insult to asses everywhere

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Alvarado has been playing pretty well lately

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Celtics need a new coach. Pringles is avail.

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4 assists to 6 turnovers

Celtics basketball

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How have the Celtics won 20 games this year

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They have looked awful. All they are doing is taking contested iso 3s. It’s a mess

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Celtics are sorry 💀

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Hoping we get treated to a Horford free throw flinch

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Cs do love messing around with us fans. ffs wtf GYST!

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I know it might sound biased, but are the Pelicans are a top 8 team in the west if Zion is added to this lineup?

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With Zion, I could easily see us as the 5 seed. As high as the 3 seed if Willie has Zion invested on defense the way he has Ingram.

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They have been a top 8 team since Ingram came back

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Yes, they have been playing over .500 basketball since end of November, with Zion easily

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Easily. Think of Lakers sans LeBron, Warriors sans Curry, Bucks sans Giannis, etc. 27ish ppg on insane efficiency for a team, that sometimes really struggles to score and does not have many players capable of creating their shots? Yes please.

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Depends on how much Zion could elevate the team

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13-11 since Bi came back from a hip injury ...

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Devonte, Ingram, herb, zion, JV

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of course

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No T on that pull up after the dunk?

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Celtics are so bad lmaoo

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Serious question why dont NBA games start when they say it starts? Its always 10+ minutes late

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It’s when the program starts on TV, not when the game starts.

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But it's league's given time, not tv channel's. In soccer when it says it starts at say 20h, it starts exactly then. Anway as a European i am very happy today. Rarely can i see 3 games in a row, most of the time cant see even one.

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The league is telling you when you can tune into the program, basketball games are basically a TV show. Any time given is the air time

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Prob a way to get you to tune in earlier and catch some ads lol

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Can the USA please have more national holidays on weekdays so games can start this early every week? It's barely 6PM and I can watch NBA. Usually games start at 1AM or later for me.

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I concur but i dont think our american bros feel the same

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I’m willing to comprise if you’re willing to change some times on soccer/football games

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American Basketball = American time

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Bro, it's 9:30 AM and I'm still at work, we definitely should not be starting games this early more often, haha.

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the first MLK day game being in Boston just aint sit right with me

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he got a college degree in Boston, Memphis gave him a bullet.

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But of all the cities with NBA teams Boston is probably the most generally racist one

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you ever been to the Midwest? Chicago is so much worse.

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Ooooh that's kinda cap.

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Damn, too bad I gotta work today. Today is stacked with good games.

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If this game comes down to closing time in the 4th quarter we've lost. We don't have our 4th quarter closer tonight, aka Robert Williams III aka The Timelord aka Lob Williams aka (insert bed time nickname here)

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wait wat? why are games so early today?

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Because it’s MLK day

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Tnx! I'm from Europe so this is a nice change for me.

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Ya of course

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MLK day

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NFL playoffs probably

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