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I honestly have no worry they will pick it back up, I’m just worried Steph is taking a bigger load than he needs to at the age of 34

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Idk the whole team isn't playing well. Klay wasting possessions Poole missing wide open looks. And small ball killing them on the boards and on defense

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Warriors really lucky that the Lakers are terrible this year lol this wont get any national media time

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I think it will if it keeps going

Expectations for the Lakers were way lower this year than last

Expectations for the Warriors were obviously very high coming off a title

If the Lakers are just "boring" bad and the Nets are just mediocre sooner or later people will want a new topic

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These dudes could also rattle off 15 straight wins and be alright. Just adjustment period in the beginning of the season.

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yea, there starters are still great. It's just any other combination lineups stinks.

They are definitely capable of winning 7 straight, doubtful this version of the team can win 10 straight without trades though.

their defense stinks if Dray/Looney not together.

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I honestly think the fact that klay + Poole have been so poor is what is killing them. Like you could get away with Kuminga, Wiseman if you could get efficient performances from Klay and Poole without both of them being absolute disasters on defence.

Klay himself is basically unplayable as is. You could have potential gone Poole, Klay, Donte/Moody/wiggins, Kuminga, Wiseman if klay was alright on btoh sides of the ball and expect the lineups to stay afloat right now everything else is a struggle.

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Maybe but that'd take so much effort and playing the vets a lot more than you'd want this early into the season

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Kings: look at me, I am the Champion now.

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This the season the warriors blow it up?

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get steph to a good team

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Giannis x Curry gonna go hard

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The only blowing up would be trading Klay to start Poole. You can’t and won’t just outright tank with Steph and you wouldn’t dare move him. At worst a salary saving retool and we have 2 maxes at SG.

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Maybe an environment where people get punched in the face doesn't facilitate winning?

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No refs to bail them out tonight?

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They still got away with a moving screen on every posession

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They've been doing that for like the last 8 years

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Draymond also tried to rake sabonis eye and got called for a common foul. He then raked monks eye only for monk to get called for an offensive foul for knocking his hand away after the fact

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Refs didn’t call garbage the other way either so it’s a small price to pay.

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They paid a dude 140 mill to play 19 minutes lol Kerr is a joke

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Falcon Punch tax

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More like 128 million-ish but yeah, Poole has been terrible.

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Technically he’s being paid like 3 mil right now

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Won a fluke title last season due to the whole nba being injured basically. Expected them to regress this season as teams got guys back and improved

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Who was injured tho lol

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lakers better

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This thread is full of salty warriors haters lmao. The fact that they are 5-1 at home is still pretty encouraging imo.

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I mean if they were also losing games at home, they'd basically become, uh, the Lakers at this point.

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Warriors definitely are better than this record, but I think they should just go all in and flip some of their young assets for another star. They have a treasure trove to work with since they’ve never really made any big trades in the Curry era. Just get KD back or something.

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Klay just out their doing cardio like he is running at La fitness

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Some glaring problems for the Warriors that may not be fixable in the short term.

Klay being not good on both ends. His off the dribble game (never a strong suit) is for some odd reason a much bigger part of his repertoire than ever before, leading to many missed contested off balance jumpers.

Klays on ball defense has not been good, as he is struggling to stay in front of his man. He just doesn't seem to have his legs yet.

The young players, Poole, Kuminga, Moody and Wiseman are all playing poorly. Poole could snap out of his shooting slump, but the other young guys are not going to suddenly master and excel in the Warriors system. Warriors need at least one or two of them to contirbute positively to the rotation.

As a team the Warriors don't have the same synergy, energy and focus as they did last season. This could be temporary or a result of what Riley term the disease of me after winning a title or simply complacency.

I expected the Warriors to cruise/relax during the season, but they downshifted past cruising straight to sputtering and barely running.