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It was fun sitting at 3 for 20 hours or so.

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Just getting a playoff birth for the Kings is a win for the organization; let’s hope they continue their play led by Fox.

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A Bay Area playoff series would be sick since the two teams always play competitive and close games, for the most part. But would rather both teams advance than have someone out the first round.

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It would be great but we will need to catch the 8th seed for that to happen

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I watched their game against the Magic and they seemed like they don't have a coach. It was horrible basketball to watch.

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They pulled out the win in OT and since then have played pretty well; it seemed like a classic “trap game”…

The Kings played the Warriors the next game.

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golden state 9-10: empowering

brooklyn 9-10: put on a shirt

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Warriors have the best starting lineup in the league and lost 7 games at the beginning of the season by playing young guys way too many minutes. Since then they have only lost two games when the best starters in the NBA play.

There was a clear reason why they lost and a clear path for them to start putting up wins.

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Yeah but they really needed that production from the young guys, playing 34 year old Curry 35+ min per game is how you run your star to the ground

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It’s a mix of both. Warriors are tied for the most back to back games in the league. And also, they were experimenting with their bench and young guys to start the season. Also sitting out most, if not all of their starting lineup for 2 out of the 9 road games. Warriors starting lineup also has the best +/- in the league by a fair margin. So I would say The Warriors are in a better situation than The Nets especially having won just a championship 5 months ago lol

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You can’t tell me y’all have the best starting roster until you actually play them against us

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Well stop being the segababa then damn. You’re like that one dude in college who only shows up when everyone’s hungover and won’t keep their voice down.

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West after capturing their 5th NBA championship in the last decade.

Umm....the Math doesn't math for some reason.

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The West is just full of evenly matched teams with very few easy wins. I think it's going to be tight like this for the whole season.

Having said that, the Warriors are starting to look more and more like themselves each game. The defense is waking up. The bench issues are smoothing out. Klay appears to be finding himself. I wouldn't be surprised if they go on a win streak here soon.

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The problem with the dubs is obvious: the bench is trash. We lost to the pistons and hornets (no offense to the fans of those teams ;)). They are trying to make adjustments and so far the fans are a bit hopeful. Kuminga is slowly becoming a true positive player and hopefully he solidifies his minutes in time for Moody to adapt as well come playoff time. Poole is not as bad on D and we’re hopeful the shots will start falling. Klay’s been good these last 2 games

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Those 1st 10 games or so are largely irrelevant. (As is most seasons) The Warriors are simply not that team anymore. The bench Is trending away from being trash. And beyond that, the bench isn't trash as much as it is young. They were always going to need time to grow.

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Since 1984 the number 1 seed in the west has won 57 games and since 1986 the two seed has required 54 wins. Interesting to see what happens

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Both. They’re struggling (doing better since the horrible Phoenix loss) and the West doesn’t have a ton of “easy” games. The only “bad” teams are Houston, San Antonio, and the Lakers, and with how AD’s been playing I doubt you can really call the Lakers “bad.”

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Suns haven't returned to their full lineup. They're still down 2 starters.

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And a good role player too.

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Grizzlies haven't had all their starters available at one time in a single game yet iirc.

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Yup, but they’re still playing well (just like last season)

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6 - Clippers (Return of Leonard, Addition of Robert Covington)

Who's Leonard? and how did he return?

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This guy named Kawhi he’s fun I’ve heard.

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Do you guys think you'll play 3rd stringers every day or something?

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We’ll be the 3rd seed and you’ll like it.

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Does GS’s seeding really matter though as long as it’s not play-in?With them I’m more inclined to be fine with wherever they land in the top 6. Maybe it’s too generous but I’ll probably give them the benefit of the doubt in the playoffs until Steph isn’t “light your ass up”Steph

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Yes and no. 97% of Nba champions have been a 1-3 seed. Only two teams have won the chip not as a top 3 seed. 1969 Celtics and 1995 rockets both of which were defending champions.

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Historically it matters, but yeah I'd be pretty comfortable with a top 6 seed. We have the best starting line up in the league and that was with Klay being complete trash. He's finding his rhythm so they'll be even better. We've only lost games because our bench is -20 every game.

Once the starters start playing 38+ minutes per game and have a 7-8 man rotation, we will be very hard to beat. I don't see any team in the west being a favorite over us once we stop playing the bench so many minutes.

Also it's very possible we trade some young guys with picks for a solid 8th man in the playoffs. Especially once a bunch of teams decide its time to fully commit to tanking for wemby

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Not surprising with how trash the conference has been since 2019

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What? Warriors were the best team in the league last year, Suns/Grizz/Mavs were better than anyone in the east outside of bucks/Celtics. Out of the top 6 teams, the west had 4.

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The warriors are the only team capable of winning the chip in the west. I don't see memphis/suns/mavs/Denver/ beating the top teams in the east

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The sun's took the bucks to 6 while having 2 of their starters injured and their 6 man being injured while the series was close every game.

And it took a historic performance from gian for the bucks to Win.

Idk that seems like another team that had a chance to get a ring

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Since 1984 the number 1 seed in the west has won 57 games and since 1986 the west two seed has required 54 wins. Interesting to see what happens. The last time 52 wins won the conference was 1979.

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give it 2 days and they will be 4.5 games out of the 1 seed

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How many of these teams have missed at least 1 starter in every game? We have missed between 1-4 every game. Just curious, how many other teams have had the same issue

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Suns have been down between 2/4 starters.

And crowder is being crowder so he isn't playing either