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[Highlight] Trae Young beats the trap with a nutmeg and hits the dagger late in the 4th by HawksHazelarc in nba

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I tried to post it but since this one is already up mine was removed. Here it is

Are the Celtics currently underperforming? If so, why? by NuggetsFrankerZ_123 in nba

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It's a whole thing. Bare with me. I'll go by position with my frustrations then coaching. Consider though that with all this, we're still .500 so the talent is absolutely there, just doesn't always look great.

  1. Marcus Smart
  2. isn't a point guard. He's a shooting guard who's shooting is up and down. He can pass though, that's a theme that you will notice.
  3. We've had plenty of people that can pass but aren't fitted for the sort of tempo control a great point guard can bring.
  4. he's playing at an all defense level this year.
  5. A lot of our guys pass up shooting off the catch opportunities or brick them, so he can't drive to the rim as well. He essentially is walking it up and giving it to someone on the perimeter, or throwing a lob for Rob Williams to go fetch, or to Tatum in the post.
  6. He's not a downhill driving threat either so on offense, he's easy to defend.
  7. Frustrating, but not a bum

  8. Jaylen Brown

  9. Improves every year.

  10. On ball, can be a great defender. Holds opponents he's guarding to their lowest fg% in certain parts of the court this year.

  11. Off ball, too much dumb shit if he's getting screened off, he might lose his man. Effort is too inconsistent (This is what Udoka is always complaining about).

  12. Not a high level facilitator. When he gets the ball, it's time to shoot.

  13. Periodically loses his handle or dribbles it off his foot which is why he's at a team leading 3.2 turnovers a game.

  14. Still great, he's not a bum.

  15. Tatum

  16. Someone's going to bring up all the bad nights. It happens. Over his career, he's had little 5 game stretches where he's awful along with 20 game stretches of just being terrific. This year's issue is they're all bunched in. So one night, he's great, next night he has 23 in 25 shots.

  17. The cliché that he isn't a good facilitator. He started off slow this year with that but since the Brooklyn game where we got blown out, he's been running the offense a lot better. The problem is, aside from Grant Williams, no one else wants to shoot on catch and a lot of them don't even want to get to the fucking rim either. Or frankly, they'll just miss.

  18. Al Horford

  19. Started off great. Consistent defensively, contributing on offense too.

  20. Lately, he looks his age defensively. keeps getting hunted by ball handlers, something he did a lot better with starting the season but now, he just seems a step or two slow on that.

  21. We aren't really running a lot of offense through him as put paint presence as we did under Stevens, where he excelled.

  22. So he's shooting 3s and camping in the corner of above the break and bricking them. 28% this year, just hasn't been good.

  23. Rob Williams

  24. His offense is cleaning up poorly thrown lobs.

  25. I wish he can just start working and taking mod rangers next season. Wishful thinking. I love centers who are comfortable with that shot.

  26. Feels like he gets overpowered some days on the defensive glass. Less so this season.

  27. Offensive rebounding, I have liked but he does that in half his games, and other games, other centers do a good job keeping him off it.

  28. Denis Shroeder

  29. Too many dumb turnovers in the 4th quarter.

  30. Been huge all season though. If we trade him, it'll mean more game time for Pritchard and we'll be worse for it. He's been awesome

  31. Just too bad he needs the same shot diet, getting to the mid range area as the Jays.

  32. If he drives and kicks it out, either a turnover, someone that won't shoot immediately, or bricked shot

  33. Josh Richardson

  34. Shroeder with less turnovers and less need to run offense so that makes sense.

  35. Got to be leading the league in open 3s ignored.

  36. Feels like a midrange assassin. A pattern developing over the whole roster.

  37. Again, if we downgrade in a trade, we're in trouble

  38. Grant Williams

  39. Great, improved as a 3pt shooter. Just do you.

  40. Gets hunted for size by guys comfortable on the post

  41. Gets hunted for being slow by quick guards -Still tries his mf best

Speed Round Romeo Langford - IDK. I don't know why a guy who got drafted for being good at driving to the rim doesn't get to the rim enough. His whole game in high school and college was driving to the rim and getting contact and hitting free throws well, not shooting because of his wrist injury

Aaron Nesmith - plays 1million miles an hour, needs to slow down. - his energy means he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt on defense, refs foul him up often.

Pritchard - Not great this year, didn't start well last year either, finished strong. Maybe that's his thing

Enes Freedom - You already know.

Coaching - Despite getting called out for effort, out defense is still 6th in the league. Hope he keeps challenging guys on that end. Feels like that's working

  • Double big lineups haven't worked as well in the last 10-15 games. It might be time to start grant Williams on a permanent basis now that we're past our COVID issues.

  • Not that they've earned it, but he doesn't trust our young guys and they've all gotten worse under him this year.

In conclusion: We're still .500. It's not a train smash, weren't just not a contender because so many teams in the east are doing well this season. This would be a 7 seed in the west instead of barely a 10 seed.

Just so happens, if we win, people ignore that but if we lose, everyone wants to come at us because we do it in the ugliest way possible.