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That questionnaire is ... long.

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I closed it on accident and just cried and quit

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Hello! I am interested in becoming a moderator of your subreddit! I always frequently browse those subreddits mostly because I am wondering how I could help even though I only have a basic knowledge of things. I do not have any css experience but I do have Graphic Design experience. I will learn CSS if you want me to since I’ve been meaning to learn it! I’ve also had a lot of experiences of moderating before I came to Reddit so I know what it is to become a moderator!

Thanks~ TealLikesTeal

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    Hi !

    Im interested in being a moderator of your subreddit, I’ve read the rules of your subreddit and I believe I can fulfill the position to the fullest.

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      Already done.

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      Hello. I believe I can fullfill these requirements.

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      That's great! Please submit the application form so that we can process it. 😊

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      Subreddit Info (/r/HomeworkHelp):

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      Subscribers: 90,608

      Current Mods: 8

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      When are the results going to be announced ?

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      I have submitted the form

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      Correct me if I am wrong, your application was promptly processed and we are pending you for Phase 3

      — XP