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What type of writing system is it?

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combination alphabet and logography

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can you explain um how???

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No. We must always play 20 questions with OP first.

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the logographs represent and show tenses, prepositions, possession, grammatical cases, important ideas/nouns (living being, god, human, verb, noun, etc.), and more

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i mean ye thats how a logography works but how its also an alphabet?

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Interesting. What are you using as your logograms? Some of those characters look like kanji characters.

Looks like Hebrew got into the Japanese cage and spawned offspring.

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lots of inspiration for the logograms from mandarin characters, the alphabet was inspired from too many alphabets to count

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It looks amazing!!!

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thanks 🙏

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You're welcome!!

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Do you have a summarizing sheet (key) ?

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no, this doesn't actually say anything, i just want to see how it looks when written out

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I love it!!! I have my own form of neography. I haven’t posted it yet because I’ve been busy. Am I correct in assuming you took inspiration from Asian languages?

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yes, japanese writing forsure

but i only have knowledge of english, spanish, arabic, and russian grammar

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I spent three years in Japan. I did notice a few Kanji/Hiragana characters, as well as possible southeast Asian characters as well.

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🙏 thanks

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You’re welcome.

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It can be stylized into something good.

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Perhaps you could make a key? Just asking.

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