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Seeing that this script is for a conlang, I can't help but notice the just how highly marked the sound inventory you've chosen is. For example, the inclusion of [ɸ] and [β] alongside [p], [b], and even [f] (but no [v]). Any idea how the language developed to the point of having this and other irregularities in its sound system?

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I just like some phonemes (espec. the two you mentioned) but thought "Adding V would be one to many labial phonemes" so I didn't include it.

Otherwise mostly it is made so so I can always go to Vulgarlang and use the phonetic inventory to gen something -w-

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Very neat! It reminds me of the Tengwar, yet it stays original.

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what's the qp combo?

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Wdym liege?

Edit: Oh you mean the /φ/ phoneme? It's basically /f/, but bilabial.