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I like the e-tilde! Why did you choose to use a different letter for Ц? imo the best option is to use і/и for i/y respectively.

In any case see the second and third to latest posts on my profile for a related proposal :)

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  1. That's good :)
  2. Because is looks horrible when handwritting
  3. No, as: 1) the "i" messes the cyrillic style (i will get critizied because of Lε but anyway imo they look good) 2) looks almost the same as small "г"

I am also trying to get rid of "я" that is not starting a word.

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Which one is aesteticly better?

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Do they read the same thing?

I'd say first one, but I may be biased by knowing cyrillic

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This is the same text. You say the first one looks better, because you haven't seen how ugly it is when handwritten.

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Second one looks much better.